How can you Decorate your home with Stone Fireplace Surrounds?

As the phrase itself suggests, stone fireplace surrounds are the best ways to make your drawing rooms decoration compatible with the rest of your house. Apart from that, the stone fireplace surrounds are heavy structures which do not get corroded very easily, and you can maintain them all throughout the year, by just cleaning or washing them with mild liquid.

  • These fireplace surrounds are quite tough and durable, and they are available in multiple colors, shades, shapes and designs. These surrounds not just keep the fireplace area warm, but they also lend a distinct style to your interior.
  • If you have underfloor heating system or a Hydronic heating system for your home, then you can purchase these stone mantels and fireplace surrounds, to retain the overall heat inside the room. This is a very affordable option, when you want to add an aesthetic value and utility to your domestic front.

Stone Fireplace Surrounds

How to purchase stone fireplace surrounds? Get the best bargains before you purchase:

It is a known fact that stone fireplace surrounds suit well to any type of interior, so you can easily purchase them as and when you start the resale of your property, or when you want to start the construction of your new property. There are stone fireplace surround sealers and also online interior decoration portals, from where you can easily buy the best quality of these fireplace surrounds:

  • Consider the size and position and the color of the fireplace area, before you start the construction of the stone surrounds. Marble surrounds are also good, but you can use granite and sandstone in different mosaic patterns, to enhance the look of the fireplace area.
  • When you buy fireplace surrounds from a company, you should verify whether the company makes these surrounds or anything else besides this. In fact, if a company is specialized in the making of stone fireplace surrounds, then only you can get customized varieties from them.
  • If you want a customized option, then it is better to order previously for the fireplace surround, as it will take time when you give the customized order. Moreover, the installation, making the stone layers and putting colors and shades according to your requirement will also take time, so you must choose from a catalogue that gives your idea about easy completion of the project.

How to clean and maintain a stone fireplace surround?

If you want to maintain stone fireplace surrounds, then you must ensure that they get rid of the stains very easily. Natural stone has pores and crevices, which tend to get clogged due to dust, dirt and grime. Pollution and moisture are other natural factors which make the stone fireplace surrounds look ugly. This is possible especially if you install a fireplace surround which is light in color.


  • There are branded foam cleaners which are available in the market, and you can simply point out the nozzle in the direction of the fireplace surround, and start spraying the liquid inside the crevices, and all over the stone surface. Then wipe with a cotton towel, or a clean hand tissue, to make your fireplace surround look squeaky clean. If the tops and the mantels are laminated, or made of acrylic, then also you can use reliable foam cleaners to unclog the surfaces.
  • LTP stone care should be used to clean and maintain the surface of stone fireplace surrounds. Once you start a routine maintenance, you will find that the surround can be maintained for a long time.

Stone fireplace surrounds surely enhance the overall look of your interior. They occupy less space, are easy to clean and you can get customized options while buying these surrounds.

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