The Pros and Cons of Choosing between a Fireplace or a Heater

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For all homeowners, we are specific on what we design the interior of our home but what about having to design the dynamics of the said interior? Questions are always asked, whether it is about the plumbing system or the electrical lines being set up. What about the heating system, how do we plan it out, what could be the best possible layout for this which can benefit the whole house? Yes, we know.. it can all be a bit confusing especially for first-time owners. You should consider the pros as well as the cons if you are already choosing a heating system for your home.

The Advantages

Electrical Heater, is compact, very popular among homeowners and is highly recommended by many. But some homeowners would go for electric fireplace heaters because the portable space heater does not appeal to their tastes. These electrical heaters are inexpensive and the installation is quite easy. Plus, an electrical fireplace will not require you to have an open chimney. It is probably the best heat source that you could provide at home and you don’t have to clean up its ashes and burnt wood after. The vacation house for sale in Tagaytay use it and have a planned out heating system, why not base it the same way with your home?

electric heater

Fireplace, it’s an advantage aspect to have in a home especially if you want something to add a comfortable rustic ambience and applying a romantic setting. A fireplace can give a living room its character. The pros of having a fireplace set up is its usefulness during power outage, when the electrical source is not working and the cold is really giving you the chills, all you need to do is cut up some logs and throw it in your fireplace as this would be the perfect heat source. Why not roast up some marshmallows while you’re at it and make some smores. Plus, it lessens your electrical bill.

The Disadvantages

Electrical Heater,has a limited cord length  so you may find it a bit difficult to plug in, especially if you do not have a close electrical outlet. Use an extension otherwise you’ll have to move it around to a close socket to be able to power it up. Another con to an electrical heater is that it takes too long for warming up the whole room since there’s no real fire involved in warming up which means the air isn’t affected from what a normal fire can do to clear of the humidity and cool air.


Fireplace of course would force you to build an airway for the smoke, so a chimney always goes hand-in-hand when having a fireplace. Maintenance can be a bit of a hassle since you will need to make sure your chimney and fireplace is clean from all the ashes and burned wood, while you also need to check if there are bird’s nest built inside as most birds often take advantage of chimneys like this. If your fireplace hasn’t got enough room there is the tendency for the fire to spread out so be cautious of its taken space.

While the two heaters are both good enough as a heating source for your home, you should also consider how much space is available for your home to accommodate one. If you have a large-sized home then installing both the fireplace and chimney wouldn’t be too much of a problem but if you have less space area a compact electrical sounds like a good option for you.


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