Making The Choice Between Electric And Traditional Fireplace

Last Updated on March 30, 2022 by Kravelv

Fireplaces have been in vogue since time immemorial for heating up rooms and keeping us warm and cosy during those chilly winter months. But the rising cost of firewood which also leaves a hefty environmental footprint is providing solid impetus to companies for coming up with innovative designs which can heat up your room and provide you with the quintessential feel of a Victorian fireplace without actually burning logs. Today we shall conduct a comparative analysis between traditional and modern fireplaces, so that you know which one to pick for enhancing your home aesthetics before winter kicks in.

Fuel Source and Consumption

Traditional fireplaces derive their power from wood whereas the modern ones rely on electricity or gas. This comes as a point of convenience for the modern fireplaces as storage of wood might prove to be troublesome especially if you are living in an apartment having less floor space. Next to nil emission of the harmful carbon-monoxide and carbon-dioxide gases by the modern fireplaces make them a much more environment friendly option compared to the traditional ones where burning of wood gives rise to atmospheric toxicity.


Users might be required to insert wood physically to keep the traditional fireplace functional. Occasional replenishment might also be necessary at times. Thus, if you cannot gauge the requirement of firewood in advance, you might have to spend the rest of the night shivering under the blankets as layers of snow line up your window panel. Modern fireplaces on the other hand can be operated through a remote control which comes with an array of options such turning it on or off, regulating its brightness, fire intensity and so on. You can compare it with an air-conditioner remote ranking high on user-friendliness.


Undoubtedly the traditional fireplaces can conjure a magical feel with the smell of burning wood and occasional pops. But the modern ones are also stocking up such features as they blend in seamlessly with your existing room décor. Some even simulate realistic dancing flames while enhancing the exclusivity of your room.


Unlike the wood-burning fireplaces, modern ones rank pretty high on safety as they come heavily equipped with fuses, thermostats, temperature control features and safety cut-off thermal devices which prevent overheating by regulating the heat generated. This also safeguards us from potential dangers which can arise from a fire outbreak. The modern fireplaces keep the warmth concentrated around a small area while radiating enough heat to make you feel comfortable.

Wood-burning fireplaces can surely take you back in time by spreading the allure and charm of medieval era. However, the installation charges of these fireplaces are pretty hefty and you might even be required to seek the help of a local contractor for putting in the chimney. The contractor will also ensure that your fireplace is compliant with all the local laws and codes. And once you are done installing the traditional fireplace, maintaining it to the best working condition by cleaning the chimney and keeping logs stacked up can also serve as a gruelling task. As a cost-effective alternative you can buy electric fireplaces which are portable enough for being shifted from one room to another and easy to install with zero requirement of a home renovation. These compactly sized electric fireplaces are perfect for condos or small apartments as they do not create the requirement of a chimney installation. They can enhance the room décor in warmer regions where these electric fireplaces can just mimic the appearance of a traditional fireplace without actually producing any heat or ashes.

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