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What Are Some Fast-Growing Trees For Your Backyard?

All of us are aware of the benefits of planting trees. But it can be difficult to choose the right trees for your backyard if you don’t possess the knowledge of their requirements and benefits. In a residential space, it’s best to opt for fast-growing, all-season trees that provide you with more than just cool shades. Let’s give you a deeper insight into the various kinds of trees you can plant in your backyard to enjoy their benefits throughout the year.

Dogwood trees

Although these trees attain a full bloom during spring with their red, pink, and white blossoms, they remain beautiful all year round displaying red foliage in the fall before shedding it off in winter. The decorative branches offer a majestic appearance during the cold season before making way for the spring flowers to cover it again completely. 

The blend of colors offered by these trees in spring and summer can enhance the appearance of your property and increase its aesthetic and commercial value. The apt time for planting these decorative trees is during late fall or early spring, and care should be taken to water them regularly. Most Dogwood trees don’t require additional fertilizing, except the young trees that require some amounts for proper growth and development. 

The Dense Arborvitae

If you like to have some privacy, you can plant these trees in a line in your backyard to protect your house from prying eyes. The Arborvitae grows at a fast pace and features a conical shape that looks quite beautiful. You can use them as a screen or a hedge to conceal the interiors of your property from passers-by. 

It’s an evergreen tree that grows well in almost all kinds of soil, preferably well-drained with pH levels ranging from 6.0-8.0. The experts at  opine that you should plant Arborvitae in an area that doesn’t have other trees or shrubs growing nearby, as they can compete for the organic material in the soil. The best time to plant is early spring or late winter when the growth is slow and steady. 

Silver Maple

Within 4-5 years of planting the Silver Maple, your backyard can become the center of attraction for your neighbors. It’s broad and extensive canopy not only shades your backyard but also the paving and nearby avenues, featuring dense, silver foliage. Care should be taken, however, to plant it away from utility lines and important structures, as its roots grow deep and vast. 

The Silver Maple requires slightly acidic soil and is quite tolerant of floods and moderately of droughts. However, you should consider growing a Silver Maple, only if you have a large yard away from power and utility lines to prevent further hazards during a storm. Once fully-grown, their shimmering leaves can give a fantastic appeal to your entire property that may attract eyeballs even from the corner of the street. 

Wrapping it up

The Red Oak, American Holly, Sugar Maple, and Weeping Cherry are some other evergreen and deciduous trees that you can consider planting in your yard. The natural essence exuded by the dense foliage and blooming beauties will make your property stand out in the neighborhood. You may even attract some high-paying buyers to your home without many efforts.  

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