5 Fruit Bearing Trees Worth Considering For Your Home Garden

Last Updated on April 22, 2022 by Kravelv

Trees are an essential part of the environment. They’re not just beautiful to look at, they transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, balancing the atmosphere for humans because we breathe oxygen and put out carbon dioxide.

Of course, most people aren’t thinking about the environmental benefits when they consider planting fruit trees in their home garden. You’re probably thinking about how beautiful the blossom will look or how nice it will be to pick fresh fruit in your garden.

Both are true and the reason why your choice of fruit trees must center on the fruits you like to eat. The following 5 fruit-bearing trees are worth considering. But, you should also indulge in local agricultural tours to see what is being grown in your area, this will give you an idea regarding which tees are likely to flourish with minimal effort.

1. Lime Trees

These can be planted in a pot or directly into the soil. They’ll need soil that drains effectively and is full of nutrients, a good layer of compost can help. They also like plenty of sun but need minimal attention, making them a great choice for people with limited free time.

2. Passion Fruit

The passion fruit tree is a climber and needs the support of a wall or similar structure. Providing you have the appropriate space you’ll find this is a beautiful tree that dies back every winter and reappears the following year with greater vigor.

The passion fruit tree needs to be in the ground, it won’t flourish in a pot. You will need to cut approximately a third of the tree back after it’s fruited, this will help to keep it tidy and ensure a healthy crop.

You should also note that it produces additional stems that will appear near the base of the plant, you’ll probably want to remove these as they appear.

3. Banana

In most places across Australia, you should have great success growing the banana tree. In fact, this is a surprisingly easy tree to grow! You will need plenty of sunshine, choose the hottest part of your yard to give the tree the best possible start in life.

They actually grow like bamboo, producing lots of shoots. You’ll want to let three shoots grow, a tall one, medium, and a small one. This will help you to have a good cycle of fruit.

If the bananas don’t ripen properly outside you can cut them off and bag them inside to finish the process.

4. Avocado

There are actually several different varieties of the avocado tree, you’ll want to consider the different options and choose the one that suits you best. Avocados are expensive so the ability to grow your own will save you money!

They need plenty of sun but like a little shade toward the end of the day, you also need to ensure they have good drainage and you water them regularly in hot weather.

5. Rose Apple Tree

This is a relatively recent addition to the trees that grow well in Australia but it’s an excellent choice. The apples are actually elongated when grown but they are sweet and delicious.

The tree needs plenty of sunshine, well-draining soil, and light watering in the hottest months.

Most importantly, it produces fruit throughout the year!

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