Are Your Windows Ready For Fall & Winter?

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The cold seasons, fall and winter, are fast approaching. You make the preparations — get new coats and jackets, and maybe plan for the holidays, but did preparing your home cross your mind as well?

One of the most crucial aspects that you must pay attention to is the windows. If you fail to winterize them, you are paving the way for energy loss and overall discomfort. In this post, we will share with you some of the things that you must check, consider, and do to make sure that your windows are ready for the chill.

Repair or Replace

Check your windows’ frame and glass for any rot, crack, and related damage. It is important to have them repaired or replaced immediately as all your other efforts will be in vain if the construction and performance of the window assembly itself are compromised.

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Seal and Caulk

Check around the windows to see if any seal or caulk has already loosen or been damaged. Replace damaged seals and re-caulk if needed. On a windy day, observe if there are areas around the window where the breeze slips in. You can expect energy to escape and drafts to get in from and through those gaps, thus, caulking is of utmost importance. You need to seal drafty windows to keep the heat inside your home, and the cold outside.

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To make sure that your windows work best for you and your home, you need to insulate them. The best way to have insulated windows is to get and install already-insulated ones, particularly those that have double or multiple panes that has argon gas fill with low-E coating, and framing that offers excellent insulation such as Fibrex. However, you can enhance your existing windows’ insulation performance with the following:

  • Rubber weather sealing. You can purchase self-stick rubber weather sealing that come in strips form from your local hardware store. Just cut the strips according to the dimensions of your window, and simply peel and stick onto possible sources of gaps and drafts.
  • Window insulation film. There are window insulation kits that include a plastic shrink film that can be purchased from hardware stores. The film is applied to the indoor window frame with double-stick tape and heated using a hair dryer so that it shrinks and wrinkles are removed.
  • Curtains and similar treatments. If you have those thick, layered curtains made of heavy fabrics, it’s high time you get them out of the storage cabinet. Hang them as close to the windows as possible. You can also hang them from the ceiling for added insulation benefit. If your curtains are nicely designed and patterned, they can even enhance your home’s look and give it a refreshing winter appeal.
  • Draft snakes. These are fabric tubes designed to be placed on a window sill or under a door to prevent cold air and drafts from creeping in. You can make your own by sewing a tube of fabric to fit the width of your window, and fill it with dried rice.

A Permanent Solution: Replace Your Windows with Products Designed for Year-Round Efficiency

Remember, however, that re-sealing, caulking, and finding creative ways to add insulation to your windows are all band-aid solutions, at best. You’ll still have to worry about winterizing your windows every year, when the cold weather rolls around. The best solution? Get your windows replaced with products that can offer optimal year-round performance.

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Fibrex products, with their superior insulating properties, are by far one of the smartest choices on the market. Argon gas-filled double and multiple pane windows with low-emissivity coating can bring you energy-efficiency and comfort, regardless of the season. Explore and discover your replacement window options today.


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