Early Spring Garden Preparations

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With spring being just round the corner, it is important to remember that preparing your garden is important because the soil, might not be ready for garden work just yet. Furthermore, if you do your preparations properly, you will be able not only to accept spring and all its glory with open hands, but you will be able to avoid any possible damages done to your garden or your plants. On the other hand, there is the urge to garden early in the spring, and it is a way to reconnect with Mother Nature.spring garden 1

Clearing the drainage

Over the course of winter, debris has gathered up in your drainage ditches, and it is important to remove them so that draining might be done more efficiently. Moreover, it will enable an easier flow of the water as well, which in turn will be important for saplings and for early spring planting. Remember though that the debris you clean up can be used as an early compost site in your garden, and in the long run you will be able to recycle within your own garden; in the meantime you are avoiding to generate waste and you are naturally enriching the soil as well.

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Preparing your soil

Before you go and start your early spring planting, it is important to look into whether your soil is ready or not, because it is not at all easy to determine it. If you plant too early, there might a chance of the soil not being thawed enough and actually hurting your plants. The flow of the water and nutrients might be off and your plants might even wither before they could even start growing. Moreover, remember that every plant has an optimal temperature range to start growing healthily.

Bring change to your garden

Perhaps one of the best ways to plant in your garden is to use raised beds. They have many benefits which could not only improve your health condition, because you do not have to bend as much, but it can help reduce the strain on the soil in your garden. Because of the boxes used, it is a natural prevention for local pests which could harm the plants and the soil in the long run. However, the best feature of a raised bed is that it has an open bottom, and it can promote further growth for the plant; which could help plants in the later stages of growth.

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Be careful with fertilizers

Although it is always easier to use industrially made fertilizers and to prepare for the new season, it is not always the case; and it is even better for the soil and for the environment to switch over to a more organic way of gardening. Your plants will be thankful and you will see the results soon enough. In the long run though, you will have healthier plants and a clean pristine garden to enjoy on hot summer days.

Working in your garden

Not everyone wants a garden to grow their own vegetables and fruit, for some it will be a place of serenity to work with their flowers and other plants. But, in order to be able to work peacefully and to prepare your garden in advance in early spring, it is vital that you use the proper garden tools. It is important to find the ones which suit your needs the best, and not just to look for the ones which are advertised as the best.

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Early spring

As the weather is changing, it is not often easy to discern whether it is possible to go outside and to prepare your garden for the spring activities. In most cases it will take some testing and some practical know-how to determine whether you can start with your spring preparations. Nevertheless, remember that keeping the garden soil in good condition and making sure that water flow is free and that there is not garbage in the garden is vital, because that way you are enabling your plants to get plenty of nutrients and that they have room to grow. Try to switch to a more organic way of gardening as it will be beneficial.



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