When to Worry About Asbestos in Homes?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

As everyone knows asbestos are a group of mineral fiber which are found in rocks. Humans have been using this mineral in constructing homes. Asbestos is a white in color and can fall off or crumble if the condition if the wall condition is not good. This mineral is not used any longer commercially because of its toxic nature. However, it may be found in homes which are constructed long time ago and if the people living in these homes come in contact with asbestos in the air it may be harmful to them.

Asbestos can be found in the houses near the hot water pipes or heating ducts. It can even be found in the ceiling materials. These materials when coming in contact with air can lead to serious health-related issues that are life threatening.

Health Issues Caused By Asbestos

As you are already aware by know that asbestos can pose a great health hazard to your family, but few only know that it is not harmful unless it is released in air and is inhaled by person. However, you never know when this happens and should never take the risk while dealing with asbestos. If you are in contact with asbestos for a long period of time it may lead to harmful diseases such as:

  • Lung cancer.
  • Scarring of the lungs.
  • Mesothelioma (cancer of the lining of the human body cavity.

There are many things which affect how your exposure to asbestos can affect the health of any person. The conditions are:

  • History of your health. If you had lung cancer or if you smoke.
  • Quantity of the asbestos in the air.
  • Time duration of the exposure
  • How frequent was the exposure?
  • The size, shape and type of asbestos fiber you were exposed to.

If you are a smoker you are in a greater risk of asbestos exposure as your lungs are already weak. Asbestos exposure takes a long time to show symptoms. Hence it is hard to treat the diseases which occur due to asbestos as it is already too late to treat them. So never take asbestos exposure lightly.


Asbestos is harmful when it is released into air and you have inhaled it. If the construction of house was done before 1990, then most probably your house contains asbestos. It may be found in the insulation in the ducts of the furnace or pipes or may be your tiles on the floor. If you are planning to remove the asbestos in the building by yourself it may be very dangerous and should never be done without proper precautions.

Safe Home

If your house was constructed before 1990 you should surely check if there is any sign of asbestos in it. Check all the insulation materials and if you think it is crumbling don’t touch it. Make sure your family members are kept away from the location. Call an asbestos removal expert and seek their guidance. IF you are planning on the renovation of your old home make sure you get professional help to remove the asbestos.

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