The Fine Guide to Find the Best Movers in Los Angeles

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by Kravelv

Los Angeles is a city of fortune and charm and though people often look to settle here, some move out too after they retire. In any case, moving in or out should not be a big deal, especially in Los Angeles. This city has some of the most elite services in the business, as well as reputed brands.

From the 2019 survey by local consumer affairs, Los Angeles is a city with some exceptional metropolitan companies. It is no surprise that the stressful events of life double up if you need to move and a city like LA can only make things harder. Time constraints, appointments, delivery dates, and deadlines. Because of all the rush, taking a big chunk of the problem rests with the movers and packers. So far, they offer a variety of services in the metro.

  • Pre-packaging pricing, unpacking, and settling charges.
  • Moving shipments inter-state and across the US.
  • Moving anywhere overseas to anywhere with a postal address.
  • Shifting packages through priority mail.
  • Overseas packaging preparation facilities for marine shipments.

If we list the different niche services into categories, we would have a long catalog here. But, movers in LA are next to none. Here is a list of the top 5 in the area, as per 2019 polls.

How do these Polls Work?

In order to ascertain the rank of a mover company, first, we list all the operators that function from LA itself. This leaves out those who do not have offices or branches in the city’s jurisdiction. Next, things like pricing per distance, availability of long-distance shipments, and type of products they support, duration of delivery, customer service, and overall safety at work. Of the dozens of brands in the city, the top 5 are down below.

  • Colonial Van Lines

Reviewed by over 1400 users, this company is a facility that offers long-distance moving and storage as a standard feature. It includes packing, and assembly or disassembly when arriving at the destination as well. Because of this, it is a fully compatible alternative for LA commuters. It charges around $4000 for two-bedroom interstate moves. And, with Colonial Cubes, storage is not a problem at all.

  • Adept Moving & Storage

This particular facility offers residential, commercial, and all types of office and labor-only moving. In Greater Los Angeles, their operations span as far as Santa Barbara and San Diego. These are modest movers and packers with offers up to $750 to $2000 for the one-bedroom move. Because their operations are mostly intra-city, this is great for delivery from outside.

  • Air 1 Moving & Storage

This is a company that manages all its operations from within the house. It includes facilities such as interstate to international moves, and it also comes with service areas for far north and far south within the US. If you are dealing with moving artworks and masterpieces, consult Air 1 because they specialize in artwork installations. At the same time, being this busy, they also offer local services.

  • SDC International

This is a franchise of the SDC group that offers overseas as a specialty. Because of this feature alone, they have partnerships with maritime authorities all over the world. Especially in the UK, Europe, and the US, they have dedicated facilities for storage, SDC international movers – professional company serving in Los Angeles. Because of such facilities, SDC hails among the top contenders in marine freight and home movement. You can kindly call for a free quote today. 

The brand stands for some core values like care and integrity. And, this means they compare quotes and offer competitive rates too.

Now as we are done with companies that offer flat-rate services, custom, and person-specific offerings are also available. If you want to customize the service as per your requirements, Excalibur is one of the few major movers. For example, you want to talk about a custom plan to best protect your home and items locally over the long-distance. 

Yes, insurance is a key thing and many companies offer them, but ensuring you don’t have to deal with it is a much better proposition. Excalibur, as the name implies, also handles antiques and artwork, as a specialty. And, because of these facilities, they also offer temperature-controlled and insured shipments.

Mistakes when Looking for a Mover and Packer

Some of the most common mistakes people make when looking for movers in LA is to ignore newcomers. Yes, oldies are great because of experience but they are also often expensive. Because they are expensive, finding quick appointments and delivery dates become a hassle. It is therefore wise, always, to look in the middle, and, looking for the perfect trade-off between service and cost.

Second, new users should read reviews but should not take every line so seriously. Because more reviews mean more trust, you can give it a go. But, if there are more red flags, better skip to the next best name on the list.

Now, such lists differ from time to time and because of this, you must do your own research, at the least, look for the date and year when a ranking or list went online. If the post is quite old, it is better to check once again. For a few months or so, such rates and features are good enough.


In short, look at rates, but also look for security. Look for bargains and discounts but also check their experience next. Marine and overseas experts may not be local gurus so take a look around.

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