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Easy To Adopt Interior Design Trends For Summer 2016

In the age of social media and Pinterest boards, it can be easy to fall victim to a touch of home envy. We don’t all have the time of budget to update our homes every season, but there are easier ways to update the look of your home. First off, you need to disregard the idea of living in a picture-perfect show home – they aren’t functional, and no one really lives like that outside of a magazine.

Focus on building a functional and comfortable home and you’ll be much happier with the results. If your home is in need of a refresh this season, try this easy to adopt interior design trends that will instantly update any home.

Reclaim your bathroom

Creating a spa oasis in your bathroom is one easy way to reclaim an often neglected space. Clear out the clutter and introduce a few spa-inspired pieces of furniture and decorative items to create a truly functional room. A side table adorned with fresh cut flowers and a crystal decanter of your favourite bath salts can be accompanied by your best fluffy white towels to create a spa atmosphere. Alternatively, try these cost friendly additions to spruce up any bathroom space.

Image: Laurel & Wolf

Hide the tech

TVs are getting bigger and bigger over the years, but 2016 seems to be the year many people are shunning them away from key family spaces and the bedroom. If you have a second sitting room, this could be the new place for the TV while the main sitting room is reclaimed as a place to relax and catch up with family. If you don’t have a second room, try hiding the TV in a cabinet or behind a sliding panel.

Bring the outdoors inside

In the summer months, it’s nice to get some time outside, but this isn’t always possible, particularly if you live in an apartment or have a small garden or yard. Don’t let this stop you from bringing in elements of the outdoors and filling your space with plants and natural light. Simply replacing your window treatments with lighter fabrics will create an airy feeling, or installing custom-built window blinds will increase the light in your home.

And take the indoors outside

Creating the perfect outdoor space can help you make the most of the long summer evenings. Update your outdoor furniture, add some extra special lighting and invest in a good quality barbeque to get the party started outside. If you can’t rely on the weather, a covered pergola is a stylish choice to keep the sun and rain at bay.

Image: Unsplash

Mismatched kitchens

If your kitchen is a constant work in progress, you’ll be pleased to hear the trend for 2016 is to create a mismatched kitchen that includes modern and traditional elements. This means you can just update one aspect of your kitchen without worrying about throwing off the balance or style. A traditional kitchen with a sleek marble countertop and a vintage floor covering is the epitome of this trend.


Author Bio:

Rebecca Harper is a freelance writer and aspiring interior design living in London. After studying English and university, she decided to pursue a career in journalism with a focus on health, beauty and lifestyle.


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