Master bedroom remodel – how to know it’s time to take the plunge

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Does your bedroom feel unattractive, boring and gloomy? Does the design look outdated and the furniture just seems too worn out? In this case, a complete remodel might seem like a great idea. Believe it or not, transforming your master bedroom into a sleeping retreat doesn’t have to be that challenging; it doesn’t have to be expensive either. The web prides with a wealth of video tutorials and DIY options to help you transform it and make it look fabulous on a budget. Prior to getting started, you might want to set some priorities. Start with the basics and try to go over budget. Compromise and only stick to items that need a makeover.

Make a “hate” list

A “hate” list is a list of things you’re starting to truly hate about your master bedroom. Curtains may seem too boring, pillows are not longer comfortable, that painting above your head is way too gloomy, etc. Start taking things out one step at the time, but don’t throw anything away. Even though you no longer like your curtains, you can still dye the material and use it to make covers for your pillows for example.

Master bedroom remodel

A bedroom remodeling is often necessary when a space doesn’t fit right anymore. It’s natural to change things in your home to make it appear more pleasant and comfortable to live in. After you’ve removed all the things you hate, it’s time to add in new stuff.

A bedroom remodel may be required if you’re thinking to sell your house

In case you’re planning to sell your house this year, remodeling a bedroom become vital. Potential buyers will want to walk in a home that looks and feels homey and cozy. They won’t want to see that your walls are cracked, or that your floor has imperfections. In this case, fixing the walls, repainting and changing the floor might be required. Now this might seem like an unnecessary investment; but it’s not. In fact, it is an opportunity to boost the price for your home and get a substantial return on your investment.

Home buyers are particularly interesting in seeing the master bedroom and baths when hunting for a house. That’s because they’re trying to picture themselves living there; a freshly painted room smells new, which is exactly what they’re aiming for. They don’t want to walk into a home and sense that mold-like scent usually present in old houses.

Spice things up with plants and flowers

This might surprise you, but new plants and flowers can change the vibe of your bedroom completely. Bring nature inside your home and choose varieties that last for months, even years in both shadow and direct sunlight. Yucca plants, bonsais, snake plants, and alove vera are the most recommended because they’re not pretentious. As for flowers, lavender, orchids, and peace lilies will add a splash of color, thus making your bedroom feel truly inviting, fresh and comfortable.

Mix and match the purple/pink colors of your orchids with the rest of the décor. Place a fluffy rug by the bed or choose light fuchsia throw pillows. Add candles on the nightstand and your sleeping space will have that feng shui allure that will help you rest a lot better.

All eyes on the bed

Master bedrooms should have a centerpiece, and the best item is of course, the bed. Replace the old mattress with a new one. Memory foam types are the best because they mold after the shape of your body; they also last for many years and they don’t accumulate chemicals. The finest mattresses after adaptable; you can either make it harder to keep your body straight, or go for a softer version.

Master bedroom remodel2

A cotton mattress cover is also required, as well as quality queen bed fitted sheets and linens to make sure you sleep like a baby throughout the night. Use throw structural, graphic or striped throw pillows to add movement into your master bedroom, and make it look chic and sleek.

Additionally, go for beddings that give out a relaxing vibe. Visually relaxing patterns, colors, and designs work well with the actual comfort provided by soft sheets and mattresses. The relaxing feeling they bring helps in conditioning your body to get some proper sleep. A good recommendation for calming designs would be those found on beach-inspired bedding. The soft colors of these beddings can soothe stress away.

Are you sick of waking up grumpy and tired? Do you feeling like running out the door every morning because the bedroom just seems too boring and unappealing? Well, these are clear signs you need to revamp your sleeping space and make it suit your sleeping patterns and personal needs.

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