Cleaning Tips 101: Five Easy Ways to Clean Your Kitchen

Last Updated on March 8, 2022 by Kravelv

The best place in any home is undoubtedly the kitchen. In one way or another, it is considered as the heart and soul of any home, but unfortunately, it appears to be that one place in any home that draws the most dirt and grime. And considering how this is where food preparation is done, it is imperative to keep it as immaculate as possible for sanitary purposes. However, cleaning can quickly become a tedious chore—especially if it takes hours to do. So, instead of wasting an entire weekend to scrub grime off counters to pristine perfection, follow these easy, enjoyable and quick techniques to spruce up the scullery of your homes so that cooking at home whether in a house and lot in Camsur or a condo unit anywhere else would be a fun affair.

5 easy ways to clean your kitchen

1.)    Clean as you go

Whenever you are preparing meals and setting down some plates, do not leave any utensils on the sink which you would get back to later. The moment you see them on your sink, immediately wash them, dry them and store them back in place. Cleaning as you go saves you more time to do other cleaning tasks and would make them relatively short to do. Keeping them around and putting them aside for another time to do would just lengthen your cleaning time.

2.)    Start with an empty dishwasher and an empty sink

Quite simple but a smart and practical suggestion. Before you start preparing meals, make sure the dishwasher and sink are empty as if you wait until later, you would have more dishes and dishes to clean. In this way, you can rinse and load messy tools right away instead of having to wash them by batches.

3.)    Do some maintenance work once a month on your cookware and knives

Over time, utensils would accumulate burnt-on stains and rust spots even if they are stainless steel. Leaving them on would make your knives, and other cutlery utensils blunt rendering it ineffective when chopping and slicing food. Whether you own a regular chef, kitchen or the best edc fixed blade knife you would want to sharpen and hone them in order to get them to that slicing perfection. Once a month, consider taking stock of these cutlery items and see to it that they are functioning efficiently before the rust and stains get out of control and would take an entire afternoon to address.

4.)    Clean the sink after washing the dishes

Save yourself time from having to give the kitchen sink a thorough deep cleanse on the weekends by cleaning it immediately after every dishwashing session. You save yourself more time this way and your dishes would not get extra-greasy or gunky if you have to let them sink in the sink.

5 easy ways to clean your kitchen1

5.)    Get the right cleaning tools

It can be incredibly frustrating to find out you have to cut your cleaning or maintenance work short just because you do not have the right tool or you have to scour your house for it. Although you would not necessarily need a variety of different kitchen cleaners to keep your counters spotless, you do need to have the suitable one within easy access when you are cleaning. List down your kitchen essentials,  acquire them and store them neatly underneath the sink or a pull-out drawer, or in an over-the-cabinet door rack concealed from view.