5 Paving Designs That Will Help You Create Your Ideal Outdoor Space

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Paving is a very versatile, attractive and durable solution to landscaping your garden. With its plethora of styles, textures and colours, you can create your perfect design. Whether you want to update your garden, add some flair, need a functional space, or have a blank canvas, these designs can demonstrate the potential of paving and spark some ideas to help you create your perfect outdoor space.

1. This design uses hand-cut and hand-dressed natural sandstone to create a rustic finish. The varying shades of grey add differing tones and colours to the design, whilst the laying pattern of small slabs in between larger slabs adds texture. The grey tones of the slabs are complemented by the blue and green surrounding plants which add a splash of colour. This is a great design to create more space in a small garden, whilst maintaining a cosy country feel.

2. This design features natural sandstone slabs. These slabs are all unique and distinguished by differing tonal variations and textured riven profiles. The sand coloured slabs brighten the space and the green shrubs and plants add different depths and focal points, whilst the bordering stones add texture and tone. This paving design truly enhances the traditional country charm of the building.

3. This grey porcelain paving with a riven texture adds an ultra-modern, stylish and sleek feel to the garden. The garden furniture is also kept modern and minimal to complement the paving. The porcelain is contrasted with differing tones from the plants which add texture and warmth, whilst garden lighting sets the tone and mood of the outdoor space. This design is contemporary, modern and the epitome of cutting-edge style and sophistication.

4. Block paving is not just limited for use on driveways, it is also a great solution for patios. This paving pattern adds texture and intrigue, whilst contrasts with the clean cut lawn to create differing definitions and zones. The garden furniture reflects that this is a fantastic space to enjoy with friends and family. Block paving is highly durable so will continue to keep your garden an attractive space to enjoy for many years.

5. This design uses carpet stones to create a very rustic and Mediterranean feel. The smaller stones make the garden feel bigger, whilst its cosy charm is still maintained. The whitewash walls, green potted plants, terracotta pots, bright sky-blue door, contrasting white stones and dining furniture add to the mediterranean atmosphere, making this garden the ideal space to relax in on a balmy summer’s afternoon.

Try one of these paving designs in your garden and enhance your space. Add some rustic charm, create a Mediterranean feel, give block paving a go, go minimal, modern and contemporary, or opt for traditional country charm. There are a multitude of possibilities with paving, so form your own design and use paving to create your own ideal outdoor living space which you can enjoy for years to come.


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