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Designing Your Mobile Home with Creative Wall Hangings

Mobile homes may be small and not as spacious as regular houses, but that doesn’t mean they lack room for decorations. The best way to amp up a mobile home is to make sure that no wall is bare or boring.

You might think the easiest way to cover up walls is to paint them with striking colors or stick on some decals. But if you want a more creative and personal touch, you should try decorating with wall hangings. This way, you’ll get to transform boring walls in your mobile home into well-decorated ones.

Wall-Hanged Photos

Of course, decorations should always have a connection with the family. It’s your family’s home after all. A home, big or small, won’t be complete without any wall-hanged family photos surrounding the place. Learn to capture the right family photo and print out high-quality photos of the family or customize them depending on your preferred design.

If you want to go with a stylish look, you can frame those printed family photos and hang the framed photos on your walls at home. This way, it can look like a gallery of a family that’s full of love for each other.

Hanging Planters

It’s relaxing to have a little greenery in your home. Hang cute DIY planters that can give a refreshing vibe and add a little life to a lifeless wall. Make sure to use a sturdy string and a colorful pot for a more playful touch.

Hanging Tapestry

Tapestry is already great as it is; all you have to do is find a bare wall in your home that you can hang it on. With its vibrant colors and stylish look, it can make any boring wall stand out.

Want a creative placement of your tapestry? Hang it behind a vacant seat where guests usually sit down. It can double as a backdrop for photo ops and other picture-taking activities.

Hanging Fairy Lights

Set up a dreamy mood and hang fairy lights that can light up walls that are less likely to be decorated. Put them in your room or your kids’ room because they give off a relaxing vibe, which every person wants after a day full of activities. What’s more, fairy lights make for lovely Christmas decors in a mobile home.

Rustic Paper Garland

If you want a more vintage appeal in your mobile home, create paper garlands that can beautify any bedroom that lacks style and design. Use Pantone colors and attach them to the headboard of a bed. It’s great if the headboard has a rustic touch that will work well with the garland.

Wall String Art

String art doesn’t always have to be limited to shapes or cartoon characters. You can also do it with words for a little encouragement. Play with different colors and produce rainbow-like art that can brighten up any person’s day.

Mobile homes aren’t as big as regular houses, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as beautiful. Simple home decor ideas like the ones listed above are a great way to maximize the walls of your abode. So, stare at your bare walls and think of a way on how you can execute these creative ideas.

If you have other ideas that you share, feel free to comment on it below!

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