Some Creative Ideas On What to Use Gorilla Glue For

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

What do we usually use Gorilla glue or any other super glue for? That’s right, for fixing things. Broken toys of our kid, cracked ceramics, and tons of other items can be brought back to life with this miraculous invention.

However, this is not the complete list of areas where we can make use of such handy stuff! And today we suggest you become familiar with several other and unusual areas of application for it. Stay tuned, it will be fun!

Gorilla Glue And Decor? Why Not?!

Let’s agree, we rarely think of super glue as something that goes with all that decor stuff. What our imagination shows us first of all when we think of this sticky substance is a garage full of metal rubbish and a guy trying to get that sticky thing from his hands!

Yep, Gorilla glue (just like any other super glue) is super sticky. It dries fast both on broken things and…on your hands. This is why it is good to keep in mind at least the basic methods of how to get rid of it, and remember to protect your hands while working with the adhesive.

However, we can also make use of its supernatural gluing abilities for good! For instance, we can use it for handcraft. And if you are the one who is always looking for new ideas, let us offer you some just in case:

  1. Spoon mirror

Sounds odd but this is really fun stuff! You will need an ordinary plain round mirror of any size you prefer, some wooden spoons, spray paint, a craft knife, a round piece of cardboard, and of course, the glue.

What you need to do is to trace the outline of a mirror on the cardboard, then cut the heads of the spoons with the craft knife, and glue them around the central circle extending outwards. 

Now apply the paint you chose, and add the mirror itself. Done! A stylish and statement piece of decor is ready to astonish your guests!

  1. Ping pong lampshade

What is so common between the lampshade and ping pong balls, you may wonder? Well, technically nothing, but if we make use of those balls to decorate the lamp…Yes, you got it right, the scheme is simple: you just take a ready-made lampshade, clean it from dust and dirt, and then simply apply some glue onto it and attach those ping pong balls!

The only thing you need to remember is that you will need glue that is suitable for fabrics.

  1. Revive an old chair

All of us have or had that old chair that has seen better days. And if you feel too nostalgic to throw it away, why not give it a second chance? Simply take the seat off, cover with a new fabric, and just glue around the edges. Done. The chair is old but its look is new. A win-win combination!

  1. Dowel rod decoration

Dowel rods are super handy! They are cheap, they come in all sorts of sizes and colors, and they are easy to work with. So if you feel like getting creative, simply use those and some Gorilla adhesive to create a monogram, for instance, or whatever comes to your mind.

The only limitation here is your imagination and the amount of time you have.

  1. Table wine cork coasters
wine corks

Do you also tend to throw the wine corks away after finishing the bottle of drink? Then, instead of proceeding with doing this, try to save some for a while to make DIY unique and hand-made cork coasters later!

Yes, you will need pretty many corks for that, especially if your goal is to create large enough coasters, but you can always start with something smaller, right? Let’s say, with square coasters to place teacups on.

Or you could make use of even a simpler approach: just cut four wine corks lengthwise in half and attach them to a square piece of plywood or cover with super glue. 

What Type Of Gorilla Adhesive to Use?

This is the frequent inquiry that comes from the handcraft newbies. See, super glue can indeed be used for gluing all sorts of materials from plastic to wood and even metal. But not any glue can be suitable for this or that item.

So if you are about to dive into a crazy and exciting world of creativity and handcraft, take into consideration these recommendations regarding the superglue and its areas of use:

  • Gorilla glue

Fits for fixing any materials from wood and stone to metal, ceramics, and even foam. It is waterproof and temperature resistant being ideal for both household fixings and building purposes.

  • Gorilla wood glue

This one is designed for wood specifically. It contains no dyes and it is water-resistant being able to stick together quite many different types of timber. It takes only half an hour to clamp, and after twenty-four hours, the adhesive will be completely cured.

  • Gorilla super glue

It’s super fast to dry (takes less than one minute!), creates no clogs so you can squeeze it out of the tube till the very last drop, and it is ideal for any household needs. Can be used on wood, ceramic, a range of plastics, and rubber. Isn’t it perfect?

  • Gorilla super glue gel

You will appreciate this one if you have to glue something to a vertical surface since this gel is perfect for vertical application. It does not run, will not clog, and can be successfully used with anything from plastic to metal, and even leather.

So now you are aware of what types of this worldly-famous adhesive exist, and we even introduced you to several easy ideas of what you could make using it. Of course, thousands of other variants exist, just browse the Internet, but with the Gorilla glue, each will be super easy to perform!

Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook