7 Benefits of a New Roof Replacement from an Expert Roofing Company

Last Updated on April 14, 2022 by Kravelv

A roof replacement can be an expensive undertaking to take, but it is one of the most important maintenance decisions to do for your home. A new roof is needed if there is damage to your roof to prevent further damage. Continue reading below to learn seven benefits of a new roof replacement.

1. A New Roof Provides a Good Return on Investment

A new roof can increase the value of your home, especially if there is already damage on the roof or the roof is old. It is possible to receive up to seventy percent of what you spent on the new roof as an increase in value when you are ready o sell your home. New roofs can last upward of thirty years if you take care of them, and this is a great selling point for buyers.

2. A New Roof Can Save You on Energy Costs

Electricity bills become more and more expensive as the years continue, and making your home more energy efficient is becoming more and more popular. One way to do this is to replace your roof. Your home will have more comfortable air temperatures and energy costs will go down with less of a need to run the air conditioning so low or the heat so high. There are new technologies in some roofs as well that can pull heat out of the house.

3. A New Roof Makes Your Home More Stable

A new roof can make the interior of your home much more stable as well. It can prevent leaking and drafts from entering your home. Comfortable air temperatures are also unable to escape with a new roof, as briefly mentioned above. Be comfortable in your home rather than miserable in the coldest and hottest months, and avoid leaks during the rainiest months as well.

4. A New Roof Will Give Your Home Safety

A new roof brings safety to the exterior and interior of your home as well. Old roofs can have mold growth on them, creating health hazards to you and your family. A new roof is also more able to withstand dangerous weather that may occur with a storm, a wind storm, or a heavy snowstorm. The roof will be less likely to collapse or become damaged when it is new and of upmost condition. It will keep you and your family safe inside of the house as well during these bad storm systems.

5. A New Roof Brings Curb Appeal

A new roof is attractive to look at on a home. A positive curb appeal brings buyers to your home and increases their appeal in your home. Neighbors will also appreciate that you appear to take care of your home on all aspects, including with a roof. Neighbors do not want to live next to or near someone who does not take value in home ownership.

6. A New Roof Will Come with a Warranty

As aforementioned, a new roof will protect the interior and exterior of your home as it still maintains significant strength. It is important to note, however, that sometimes things happen, and some damage may still occur to your roof. Ensure that you ask about a warranty or obtain a warranty in order to protect your roof if it does become damaged. Select a roof manufacturer that offers the best warranty that fits your needs.

7. A Roof Can Give Your Home a Face Lift

Many individuals simply paint sections of their homes or replace the siding on their homes to give their homes a face lift. A new roof can give your home a significant face lift as well and can provide a new look for your home. There are enhancements that can be put on your roof such as skylights or shingle colors that are more fun. Some roofs offer technology as well such as those that pull heat out of the house as aforementioned.

Obtaining a new roof has many benefits to you. It not only offers a new look and added value to your home, but it can protect you and your loved ones from the potential damages of old roofs. Find a professional roofer you can trust to start an estimate for your roof replacement. You can learn more about the cost of a roof replacement and systems.

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