Must-Remember Tips When Moving Plants to New House

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We humans think only about ourselves and other humans, while almost neglecting other living beings, especially plants. Therefore, we don’t think seriously about moving our plants to the new place.

We plan to pack and move every lifeless item with great care because they are costly; but we don’t plan to take such extensive care regarding packing of our plants.

However, it’s the plants which need utmost care and planning while moving, as they are living beings, and though they seemingly don’t complain, they too undergo sufferings. Here are a few tips regarding what care you should take while moving plants to your new home.

moving plants to new house

Ensure that Your Removalist is Expert in Moving Plants

This is important because moving plants is a very skilful job. It needs that the plants are least disturbed during the moving process. This becomes even more important when you would be moving to a long distance. Therefore you should ensure that the removalist you plan to hire has thorough knowledge and experience about moving plants without posing them any harm.

Know about Rules and Regulations of State

If you are making an interstate move, you should check the rules and regulations of your new state about bringing in plants. For example, there are quarantine rules and regulations varying from state to state.

You will also have to ensure if there is any approval process required by your new state for bringing in plants and if is required, you should obtain such an approval from a correct department. Your removalist can give you information about these rules and regulations.

Consider Climatic Conditions

Even after you get an approval, you will have to decide about which plants to take with you. Australia is a vast country with a number of soil types and climatic conditions. Therefore, you should learn about whether or not your plants will live and thrive in the new environment.

If the new climate is not going to suit your plants, you should better leave them in your old place where they are happy and growing well.

Take Cuttings Rather than Entire Plants

If your plants are your favourites and you just can’t think of your new home without them, but you have come to know that the new conditions or the moving process won’t suit them, consider taking their cuttings or seeds or even seedlings or saplings with you instead of entire plants.

As the young plants have not yet acclimatised to the conditions of your old home, they might survive well in your new home. Cuttings, seeds, seedlings and saplings are also less likely to undergo the damage caused by moving than bigger plants.

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More Tips:

We have assumed so far that your plants would be stressed up with the move. But it is also possible that the plants not only tolerate the move but even thrive in your new home. Here are tips that can help them grow even more vigorously in their new environment:

  • Prune excessive foliage
  • Tie any branches together that are hanging out of their pots or bases
  • Larger plants potted in terracotta pots should be removed from the pots and tied with plastic/hessian to ensure protection of roots. This also allows safer moving of the pots.
  • Soak your plants adequately with water at least two days before the day of moving to ensure sufficient draining time.
  • If possible, pack smaller plants into boxes which will ensure ease of handling and safety of plants.
  • Treat plants for diseases and pests
  • A best way to keep leaves and branches hydrated is to wrap wet crumpled newspaper around them. This is particularly useful when the temperature is high.
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