TV Wall Mounts 101: How To Mount Your TV On The Wall

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Nowadays, mounting televisions on your wall is a trend. Some even make it exciting by accessorising. For instance, you can add your speakers around it using floating shelves. By doing this, you can create a cinema vibe in your entertainment or living room. 

Having great entertainment minimises your stress and makes you feel better through a long day of work. The TV is an easy way to watch news, sports, vlogs, and more. 

However, placing the TV on some desk or cabinet will use up more space. Thus, mounting it on your walls will create more space for other things. You’ll be comfortable enough sitting on your sofa watching your favorite TV shows with your television mounted on your wall.

how to mount tv on the wall

To do this, make sure every tool is ready before hanging your TV.

Three Elements You Need

It will make your job easier if you understand these three factors when mounting a TV.

1. Mount Functions

A tv wall mount has lots of variety. Just make sure that they’re compatible with your TV. Then, your mount functions will depend on how you want it done. Review the Mount Function Section for details on how to use it properly.

2. TV Hole Pattern

Mostly, hole patterns are standardised. This is the most important and a bit complicated part that requires correct mount selection. It’s a bit tricky, but you can find it easily.

3. Television Weight

Your TV is the first thing you need to note when you pick a mount. You can find it in the manual. Know its weight for a perfect fit for measuring your mounts.

Things To Prepare Before Mounting Your TV

Before getting started to mount your TV successfully, here are the things you need to prepare:

  • Cable management: This will help you organise and create space. Cables are tough to handle. You need to consider these cables as they may ruin the aesthetic value of the spot where you’ll mount. Organising and arranging them correctly is efficient as they’ll not bother you anymore.

You can hide the cables behind the wall with the tie. Or stick them entirely on the wall behind your TV. A cover that complements your wall design will also help hide the cable wires.

  • A Friend (optional): Installing your huge TV set on your wall is not easy if you’re alone. You might need a hand for it. This will make your task fast and quick as extra hands would be helpful. An extra pair of eyes can also tell you whether you’re mounting it right.
  • Painters Tape (optional): There’ll be less mess on your wall with this tool. It’s easy to stick compared with using marking tools to write on your walls with and add to the mess.
  • Level: Correct leveling of your TV is essential. You don’t want to watch a TV which is hanging on one side. Thus, you need to use a level. This will also minimise the chances of drilling holes which are not aligned. 
  • Phillips Head Drill Bit: This is used to bore holes into the wall.
  • Carbide-Tipped Masonry Bit: This is for plotting holes into drywalls 
  • Power Drill: Screwdriver would be a safer alternative when manually drilling a soft wall. But, power drills will make your job easier, especially with hard walls. Just always remember that safety is the first priority, so check any plugs or wires before you operate your power drills.
  • Stud Finder: Don’t try to mount your TV on a dry wall as it needs a stable foundation and support.

Steps When Mounting Your TV

Step 1. Mount Unboxing

Before anything else, make sure your floor has no extra items that can be mixed with other parts. That way, you won’t get confused when installing.

When unboxing your mount, do it in an open area or on a big table or desk. Keep the parts intact, especially the tiny parts like screws. Always refer to the manual so that you won’t get mistaken when you start to install the mounts.  

Step 2.  Bracket Attachment

The holes of the tv wall mount brackets have 4 different patterns: 400mm x 400mm or 600mm x 400mm, but all of this will definitely match and fit the mount.

When assembling the brackets, make sure that it’s attached to your TV, and use the right screws and washers.

Always keep safe when drilling your walls. Check that the screw won’t strip to avoid problems.

Drilling in each screw and washer and pushing up the bracket will tighten the screw properly.

Step 3 

Check for any obstructions or distractions when mounting your TV and make sure it’s properly leveled.

Step 4

The stud finder will help you locate any studs on your wall so that you can hang your TV correctly.

Two bolts must be installed in your TV set and requires one stud to stabilize your TV when you start hanging it. Heavy TV sets will require more bolts and studs for stability.

Step 5

Mounting rails must be attached to the back of your TV set.

Step 6

Follow guides or directions when you mount your TV set. These show methods to attach your TV on the wall.

Don’t forget to install the safety screws which keep your TV from falling down.

Step 7

Cable connections must be connected as designated. You can check the manual if you’re not sure which cable will be connected to the TV attachments.


Now you can enjoy watching and streaming your favorite movies by following the tips above. You can refer to the manual if ever you’ll get confused so that the chance of making a mistake is less. Remember the safety-first protocols when using electrical tools as these will keep you from any harm or danger. 

Consider correct measurements, proper leveling, and accurate calculation when installing the brackets and screws. Don’t forget to organise your cable wires to keep your space safe and tidy. Call a friend whenever you feel like you can’t handle your task alone. 

It requires time and effort to install and mount your TV set, but the happiest moment is when you’ve finished. Now, you can enjoy relaxing in your entertainment room.