Small Coffee Tables for Small Spaces – Buyers Guide 2021

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Coffee is among the most consumed liquid in the world. And you can seldom see a person who doesn’t sip a cup in the morning. And each cup is best enjoyed with friends or loved ones around. That is why it really pays that you have a coffee table. But most people will think this will consume a huge space. Yes, it will consume some space but it may not be as huge as you expect. Here are some of the best examples of small coffee tables for small spaces.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Coffee Table

As much as you want that coffee table with a glass top or the one with some drawers in it, you should consider these following tips first before buying your first coffee table.


The first thing you should consider is the space where you’ll going to put the coffee table. Follow the 18-inch rule. You probably never heard of it, but it’s the ideal distance from the edge of your table to the edge of your sofa. With this distance, you can’t stretch out your legs to put it on the table but it is close enough to grab your food or drink. So the next time you are shopping for a coffee table, think of the 18-inch rule.


No matter how much you like a certain coffee table is if your budget is limited you can’t do anything about it. The best thing to do is find a coffee table that will only suit your budget. Remember that there are some things that you need to allocate your money to aside from the coffee table.


As you stand on your living room with a missing coffee table, imagine having one in there. What shape would it be? Oval or rectangular? Before buying one, consider your children or pets. A round coffee table will be safe for your kids due to its curved edges as compared to the pointy edges of a rectangular coffee table.


Also, shape plays an important factor too when it comes to buying your coffee table. Make sure that the one you choose should be no lower than 1-2 inches (from the seat of your couch). If you have a higher sofa, you should have a higher table as well. This would provide convenience for you and your guest.


Another factor to consider is, where would the table be used? Will it be for decoration purposes only or storage? There are certain coffee tables that do have an aesthetic design with drawers in it. You should consider these types of tables if you are not sure where are you going to use your table.

DHP Parsons Modern Coffee Table, Black Wood Grain

Small Coffee Tables for Small Spaces - DHP Parsons Coffee Table

This small coffee table is definitely a match for your small space. It comes with a rich black natural finish, and it’s not just spaced efficient but is also a perfect accessory to complement your room.  Don’t judge this table for its price tag, it may be more affordable but offers huge benefits from all your money’s worth. Measuring at 19 x 39 x 17.7 inches, this table is a perfect tool for dorm rooms, apartments or as a side table for your living room. It comes with hollow core construction resulting in a lightweight piece. This will require little effort when you need to move it around the room or house. Also good to note, this table comes with MDF laminate finish which results in a beautiful faux-wood look while having a hard to scratch surface.

Ameriwood Home Owen Retro Coffee Table with Metal Legs, Sonoma Oak Gunmetal Gray

coffee tables for small spaces - Ameriwood Coffee Table

To perk you up in the morning, this little table here can surely help. This table may be little in size but it is able to hold up to 40 pounds of weight. This means you can safely load it other than your cup of coffee.  A place to put your books or some collectibles perhaps? This table has gray metal, hairpin-style legs which add some retro feel. The tabletop is made from laminated particleboard tabletop in the brown oak finish. It offers that clean appearance, and it can easily deal with dirt and spills. This slim table is designed to fit in small spaces pretty easily. Dimensions stand at 17.85″ x 42″ x 19.5”.

Leick Furniture Oval Coffee Table, Medium Oak/Two-Tone Slate

coffee tables for small spaces - Leick Furniture Oval Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a coffee table that does not require much space, this table will surely fit the bill. This piece comes in an oval shape tabletop so it’s perfect for those who wanted no sharp corners to bump against.  It is made from tightly cropped solid wood. It is then finished with a multi-step slate black finish that amplifies the natural beauty of the wood without much drama. Also, a great addition to this masterpiece is its large solid wood storage drawer. It’s a perfect addition to keeping things tidy in your living room.

Winsome Wood Craftsman Coffee Table, Antique Walnut

coffee tables for small spaces - Winsome Wood Craftsman Coffee Table

If you wanted something that can function as a décor and a table in one, this piece is for you. Made out of pine wood, this table boasts its simple but very much attractive design. It doesn’t shout for attention but you’ll certainly appreciate the well-crafted table top.  It’s small enough to fit in a small room while still be able to accentuate the ambiance like a décor.  Also, the tabletop is finished with an antique walnut finish. It also features a classic profiled edges. And under that tabletop, you can find a single shelf which is very useful for extra storage space for TV and DVD player remote controls or magazines. Talking about less clatter.

Leick 10109-CH Favorite Finds Coffee Table

coffee tables for small spaces - Leick 10109-CH Favorite Finds Coffee Table

This Chocolate cherry oval coffee Table comes with a perfect solution for your corners. It will fit on those transitional spaces in the room without a problem. This piece comes features a beautiful silhouette with grooved and diamond matched veneer table top. It also has a lower display shelf which lets you display some of your favorite collectibles. The tabletop is finished with rich, hand applied Chocolate Cherry which blends perfectly with the natural beauty of its solid wood grains. Featuring small dimensions, this table is perfect for those small spaces.

FURINNO 11179GYW/BK Simple Design Coffee Table

coffee tables for small spaces - FURINNO Simple Design Coffee Table

This table was designed with a topmost requirement to be able to fit those tight spaces we often find in modern apartments or condos. And it will fit your budget pretty easily. The material used for this table is medium density composite wood. This is generally made from recycled materials of rubber trees.  Also, this product complies with the global green rules of production. You’ll find no foul smell in this product and is very durable. The material used for this product is known as the most stable amongst the medium density composite woods available. And when spills happen, all you need is a simple wipe with a damped cloth.

Furinno 11158EX/BR Coffee Table with Bins, Espresso/Brown

coffee tables for small spaces - Furinno Coffee Table with Bins

This piece features a simple yet stylish design. It’s functional and will fit any room with a minimal footprint. And while the table is stylish enough for a modern setting, it will not put a hole in your wallet. Also, this table features storage bins underneath which can be utilized to keep your magazines in one place. Designed for an easy assembly, the screws are placed only in key areas as not to complicate the process while still offering the stability and durability you are looking for. The whole assembly weighs 19 lbs. which makes this table easy to move when you need to. Further, this table matches with other Furinno pieces like TV stand which comes with the same color scheme and style. This makes it a versatile option for homeowners.

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