How to Create Rustic Farmhouse Decor at Your Home

Last Updated on February 25, 2022 by Kravelv

Today, more and more of us live in urban setting, surrounded with nothing but concrete, glass and steel. Furthermore, wherever we turn we see this futuristic design. It is like we are rushing ahead of ourselves to get to the future as soon as we can. However, not everyone shares this enthusiasm and some people lean towards more rustic appeal in their homes. With this in mind, here are some tips and tricks on how to turn your home into a genuine rustic farmhouse.

Keep your eye on color

Naturally, when speaking about a rustic farmhouse, what we most probably have in mind is a French Provencal style. The first thing needed to achieve this provincial chic décor in your home is to keep an eye out for all the colors that make it special. With this in mind, you want a color that you could see in the nature and not something too flamboyant. For example, you would be wise to go with hunter green or even burnt rust for those who prefer red. All in all, after your walls are coated in your color of choice, try to keep the rest of your home in the same manner.

How to Create Rustic Farmhouse Decor at Your Home


Another great idea that could help you achieve that incredible rustic ambience in your home are the proper accessories. For starters, you could decorate your home by strategically placing fresh flowers and plant motifs everywhere. Lavender, goes just perfectly with those natural hues we already talked about. However, for those who can’t be bothered with fresh flowers every day or so, wall ornaments, wall cloth or even an interesting wall plate collection might be ideal for this occasion. All in all, it is these tiny details that can help make all the difference.

Lighting solution

In the right light, everything may seem more beautiful than it actually is, however the opposite goes as well. Even the most caringly prepared décor may seem less appealing if it is not illuminated properly. Because of this, you have a choice to make. You can either go with ambience lighting so that you create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home, or go with accent lighting and highlight only some parts of your home. The latter one is especially effective if you have a collection on display. However, since this is a vital part of your interior decoration, you might want to go for the best and install some designer lighting in your home.

How to Create Rustic Farmhouse Decor at Your Home1

Proper furniture

As for the furniture, if you want to go for the authentic rustic atmosphere, you will have to improvise a great deal. Chances are, you won’t be able to find items that you need in any store so you will have to put some effort into it. Either go on a quest to find an original vintage furniture pieces and restore them, or start visiting garage sales and flea markets to find items you need. Finally, if finances are not an issue for you and all that matters is that you get what you need, you might even want to hire a carpenter that will create these items you so desire. This might come out as a bit pricy but you simply cannot put a price tag on a dream.

As you can see, for those hoping to transform their home into a genuine rustic haven, options are quite numerous indeed. Plan carefully, do some research and as soon as you come up with an idea for a perfect interior for your home, be ready to spring into action. Your only limitations are your own creativity and imagination. The world is your oyster!

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