Cloth Maintenance 101: How to Maintain Common Types of Fabric You Find In Your Living Room

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Keeping your living room clean is always a priority since it receives a lot of traffic – from welcoming guests and having activities for family reunions and college parties. Swiping the floors and cleaning the windows are easy enough but how do you clean and maintain furniture fabric or curtains? In this article, here are some tips on proper maintenance of certain types of fabric for your Country Club Home located in Tagaytay.


Any quality-leather furniture should always be given careful attention because most concerns with this type of fabric are because of neglect and inconsistent maintenance. Cleaning leather with water is enough, use a moist cloth and wipe each surface area of your leather seating. You don’t need to be afraid of wetting your leather couch; this type of fabric can withstand pure water. Cleaning it at least on a weekly basis can help maintain the quality of the leather to its proper condition.
cloth maintenance 101 upholstery fabric

Also, make sure to take your leather furniture out of the areas exposed to sunlight. Leather does not do well when exposed to light or heat because it fades. To maintain its color, make sure to place your furniture near corners where it is cool and provides enough shade.


Maintenance of your carpet every six months is highly recommended to make sure that the dust and allergens trapped in the paddings and fibers are removed. When removing old stains in your carpets, the vinegar and baking soda solution is highly effective and is widely used for carpet cleaning. Pour a good amount of vinegar that it mostly covers the stain, then pour baking soda over the stain and let it sit for a few days. After two days, there should be some residue due to the baking soda and you can clean it up using a vacuum. The stain should be non-existent because of the baking soda. The cleaning solution doesn’t pick any type of carpet because it efficiently cleans away those old stains.

cloth maintenance 101 carpets

Upholstery Fabric

Dust and dirt can really damage upholstery fabric so it is advisable to vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment. Make sure that dust doesn’t pile up and collect. But if stains are your problem, use white distilled vinegar when spot-cleaning. Vinegar is effective in removing surface stains and then use a soap solution to give the stained area an intense cleaning.

cloth maintenance 101


Some of the common problems with draperies are the conditions it is exposed to. Like leather, direct sunlight can discolor the fabric. Other factors should also be considered when the color of the fabric starts to fade. It may be because of moisture, exposure to light and heat and age. Also if not properly dry-cleaned or laundered, it can cause shrinking as well especially to loosely woven fabrics. To be able to protect your curtains from the sun, use blinds or shades to lessen the effect of the rays.

cloth maintenance 101 draperies

Aside from the sun, dust and grimes are the usual culprits that are doing the damage on your curtains. To prevent the dirt from accumulating in your curtains, give them a gentle shake every night to dislodge the dust that may have piled up during the day. And before you wash them (if washable), vacuum the curtains first so there are no dust particles getting stuck when wet.


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