Furniture and décor pieces inspired by Mother Nature

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Ideas for home arrangement are endless, but inspiration by fabulous things from nature is certainly among the most impressive ones, since furniture and decor reflect magnificent natural shapes, colours and patterns in order to create unique, extravagant ambient. Regardless whether you’re greatly passionate about nature or you occasionally enjoy in its beauties, some gorgeous furnishings that carry an extraordinary natural tone will certainly leave you breathless. So, take a look into wonderful designs that you can include into your home and enjoy in stunning natural scenarios:

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Living Room Ideas

Even if you spend a lot of time inside the comfort of your living room, there’s no reason not to be surrounded with nature, since you can translate your living space into the perfect natural nook. In case you more prefer contemporary style, consider modern sofa inspired by petals’ contours, where you can feel like seating in the middle of scented flower. It can greatly match classy and modern tables and cabinets with plain lines and neutral colours. For comfy and laid-back living room atmosphere that keeps natural originality, couch and plenty of pillows shaped and patterned like real natural stones can create amazingly persuasive image of outdoor landscapes. Coffee tables with bottom part shaped like log and small gardens placed on sides and in the middle are perfect for those who like plants within their home. Flowery shaped bowls and vases, realistic stone rugs or crystal chandelier enriched with colourful birds can be some of the decor choices for your pleasant indoor natural environment. Anyway, if you look for more subtle decorative elements, glass candle jars filled with real river stones, leaf shaped decorative plates or modern wooden wall clock can gently accentuate natural tone throughout your living space.

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Natural Spirit in Bathroom

Bathrooms are all about relaxing, and there’s nothing more soothing and pleasant from lush greenery and natural items, which is why they are just ideal design inspiration for bathing areas. Connect your bathroom with fresh outdoor panorama by including glass wall beneath your bath tub, so it provides magnificent view on backyard garden or terrace greenery. Any of your bathroom fixtures can also exude with natural lines, where plant contours translated into the curves of dorf tapware is just what you are looking for within your natural bathroom hideout. You can go step further and create rocky or stone surfaces around the bath tub, enrich bathroom with dense green wall or install timber sink made of naturally jagged wood trunk.

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Bedroom Nature

If sleeping in the nature sounds amazing to you, there’s no need to go into the woods to experience that, since you can enjoy in naturally designed environment of your bedroom. You can give a real natural appearance to your canopy bed by including the bed frame designed from thicker wooden branches and smaller trunks. Depending on your preferred colour and style, you can search for lighter or darker wood versions. To greatly highlight your sleeping place, consider entering large bed with carved headboard inspired with rich treetop which you can pair with lamp whose pedestal is made of intertwined branches. When it comes to bedroom decor, effective ceramic chandelier that looks like a bunch of entangled thorns is a great choice, or you can enrich one of your walls with wallpaper inspired by forest motifs.

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There’s no doubt that Mother Nature abounds with limitless sources of divine shapes, colours and textures, but it’s even more unbelievable how its implementation can lead to amazing natural home designs.

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