Top 5 Important Equipment Required for Small Kitchen

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When it comes to moving into your first home or launching a new restaurant, there are certain items your kitchen just can’t do without. Yet, it is important to bear in mind size, especially if you’re dealing with a small kitchen.

The smaller the space, the more choosy you’ll have to be with what you install. Fortunately, each of the following pieces of kitchen equipment are versatile, compact and will enable you to create culinary masterpieces.

Refrigerator – no kitchen is complete without a refrigerator. The go-between when defrosting foods or keeping your milks, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and cooked meats fresh; refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you can easily measure and slot them into your small kitchen.

Freezer – similar to your refrigerator, freezers are a fantastic way of storing foods in bulk so you don’t have to go shopping on a regular basis. The fact that most foods these days can either be frozen from fresh or are already frozen, means you can plan ahead with your meals and keep your kitchen well stocked.

In a restaurant, freezers are especially vital as they enable you to diversify your menu options, as you can defrost meats, desserts etc. as and when you need them.

NOTE: To truly save space in a small kitchen, investing in a combo fridge-freezer can make better use of your space; however in a restaurant or café, we recommend keeping these pieces of kitchen equipment separate.

Oven – even if you’re not the biggest cook, an oven is an essential part of any kitchen as its cooking facilities alone means you can cook your foods in a number of different ways. Grilling, boiling on the hob, baking in the oven… most ovens come with these 3 features and fortunately come in a range of sizes so you can easily slot them where you need them.

Microwave – whilst most restaurants prefer to cook from fresh, there are added advantages to having a microwave in the kitchen. Not only can they help you to finish defrosting foods or warm up desserts; many top of the range microwaves are capable of cooking most food groups. Add into the equation that more and more foods are being specially prepped and sold to be cooked in microwaves, and this piece of kitchen equipment is ideal for dealing with cooking emergencies or speeding up the process.

Dishwasher – in a home, most of us can do without this item – so it wouldn’t be considered part of everyone’s top 5 – however we disagree. Dishwashers not only prevent the build-up of dirty plates; they are handy if you have a busy work life or own a restaurant. In a restaurant, dishwashers play an essential role in keeping a kitchen functioning and ensuring there are plenty of clean plates for clients.


As you can see, all of the above mentioned kitchen equipment can make your life easier. So the next time you decide to move or open a restaurant, remember – oven, freezer or microwave… they all play an important part in the journey towards success.

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