The Best Home Appliances That Can Serve As Decor for Small Spaces

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Compact appliances are a lot more common than meets the eye. In fact, minimalism is the in thing, and this is evident in the way that people are cutting back on their purchases and leaving more open space in their living space. This is a notable trend among millennials, who are doing so much more with so much less. Things like tiny houses, RVs, and a minimalist lifestyle are all the rage. Appliance makers have cottoned on to this trend and are now creating a plethora of home appliances that can serve a dual purpose: functional and decorative. It’s no longer necessary to sacrifice style for functionality, or vice versa.

Folks who are interested in gas burners like the AGA 60 traditional may be willing to shelve out $7,700 for a four gas burner model, or $5,700 for a traditional model. However, there are plenty of compact ranges now available which are barely 24 inches, including the Haier Freestanding ranges which retail for around $990. There are also the Danby 20 inch electric convection ranges retaining for around $530. Other popular models include the Ancona 24 inch gourmet series gas range for $1,300, and the General Electric freestanding 24 inch electric range for $1,000. Even with these prices, it makes sense that you would want to take out home warranty coverage so that if they break you’re always covered. These dynamic home systems and appliances are certainly not cheap, and the repair and replacement costs can put a major dent into your savings in the absence of insurance coverage.

What about Tiny House Appliances?

What’s great about a tiny house is that it has everything you need, in a fraction of the space that you’re used to. Tiny houses require tiny house appliances. These compact combo kitchens, compact dishwashers, mini refrigerators, compact laundries, and ice makers are incredibly popular.

There are an increasing number of appliance manufacturers that are focused specifically on manufacturing appliances that are designed for people who want more functionality and aesthetic beauty, for a fraction of the space that conventional appliances take up. Whether you’re looking for an ultramodern look with sleek and stylish accoutrements and appliances, or a throwback style with 50s or 60s style retro glam, there is always a cool new gizmo to meet your needs.

  • Consider the EdgeStar series of Tiny House These cover top sellers like the 3.1 ft.³ Energy Star fridge/freezer for $230. It has all the features of a full-sized refrigerator, but it’s a fraction of the size.
  • Looking for a sleek and stylish compact laundry washer and dryer? Consider the LG, Bosch, or Avanti range of products. These appliances can cost a pretty penny, such as the Bosch 24 inch white 2.2 ft.³ front loading washer for $1,250, or the Avanti top load portable washer which can take a 6 pound load capacity at just $275.
  • Compact dishwashers are equally exciting appliances in your home and these include the 18-inch wide eight place setting Energy Star rated dishwasher from EdgeStar for $400, or the Danby 18 inch wide 8 place setting Energy Star dishwasher with 7 wash cycles for $387. These are micro appliances with stylish design, trim and features.

Thinking about Decorating Your Home with Beautiful Appliances?

Unbelievably, there is a huge market for decorated appliances. These trendy decor home systems and appliances are bringing panache back to your home, and they are doing so with aplomb. There are all sorts of new gadgets, gizmos and electronic devices that are now readily available, including undercounter refrigerators – the must-have attraction in sleek, modern new kitchens. Plus, there are some snazzy coffeemakers, freestanding cookers, and ventilation shafts. One of the most elegant add-ons for your kitchen is the Miele DA 2900 kitchen ceiling hood. This features 4 removable glass panels which can be fitted into your ceiling with for illuminating your culinary preparation and ventilating your kitchen accordingly. These are but a small sampling of the many home systems and appliances that double as beautiful decorative pieces in your home.

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