Small Home Decor Updates That Make a Big Impact

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Redecorating any room in the property comes at quite a cost, both in terms of time and effort. This is precisely what puts so many off undertaking such a task. A far better option however is to introduce smaller decor pieces into the home, and they can often have almost just as big an impact. Freshening up the home regularly means that there are always new additions to put a smile on our face and change the mood of various rooms around the property. These additions don’t have to be large to make the difference, and here are some examples of small additions which can really make a big impact.

plant in a wicker basket

Wicker Baskets

Baskets make the perfect choice for so many rooms around the property, from the bathroom to the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. These not only look great but they are functional style pieces too. If you check out some of the baskets from Papaya for example, you’ll find a wide range of sizes and designs, which make for the perfect storage space or laundry bin.

Switching It Up

Another perfect example of small changes which make a big difference are light switches. This is something which so few of us ever really think about, but if you change the switches around the home it really does have a profound effect. Instead of plain white, you could also opt to add some color to these additions, to better compliment the rooms which they are in.

Wallpaper Lining

If you have a bookshelf or shelving unit which has the wall exposed at the back, this provides a great opportunity to give it an easy makeover. Simply take some wallpaper, either offcuts from the rest of the room or entirely new paper, and paste it onto the back of the wall. In just a matter of hours you will have what feels like an entirely new bookshelf or shelving unit.

Staple Gun Upgrade

The chairs in the kitchen don’t need to go through the lengthy reupholstery process to get a new look. This can be achieved in most cases with some good quality fabric and a staple gun. The gun forces staples through wooden chairs with ease, and just like that you could have an entirely new look set of chairs.

Upgrade The Entrance

Even upgrading the entrance to your home can give you the feeling of a redecorated home, and there are some simple steps to achieving this. First add some new door numbers and opt for the largest that you can find for a really big impact. Next up you could look to add a door knocker, which really does look great and is functional too. Finally add a new welcome mat to complete the entrance makeover.

Indoor Plants

Bringing plants into the home gives you a straight-out-of-the-box makeover and there is no end to the range of plant options you could choose from. Even if you don’t think that you have much of a green thumb, you’ll find plenty of plants which really don’t require much care at all.

Remember that small additions really can make a big impact.

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