Cooking Without Modern Kitchen Appliances

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kravelv

Cooking is fun and has been made easier by the various appliances that are at our disposal. Homelization.Com has many good options for modern gadgets to make cooking easier for you. However, have you ever tried to imagine what would happen if all the modern appliances in your kitchen were taken away? How would you cook and carry out other essential tasks without this modern equipment? Some of the features that are found in our kitchens are not necessary and you will be surprised to learn that you can actually live without these items.

Most of the items that we have in our kitchens, fully, rely on electricity, without which we tend to feel helpless. But that is not really the case; you can actually do without these machines and manage without any problem. So what are some of the alternatives that you may use instead of these modern appliances?


Most of the cooking will entail mixing a few ingredients once in a while. As such, most people have their kitchens, fitted with the standalone mixer, which is quite large and consumes a lot of space.


The solution to this is to get a wooden spoon and mix anything that you want in a bowl. If you want to make whipped cream, you can use a fork to mix the ingredients. As far as kneading dough for your bread, use the countertop space and mix using your bare hands.

Most of the recipes that you find require a mixer can be processed manually using your hands and other simple items in the kitchen.


For most people having to do without a microwave, is unimaginable. Certainly, it is a great convenience when you have one, but you can do without it and it would actually save you some counter space.

All you need to is to use the oven or stovetop to reheat your food. In as much as this appears to be old-fashioned and consumes some time, it is equally effective. In fact, in most cases, the food that is heated up this way tastes better than the microwave food.


A saucepan is equally effective in heating leftovers. You will just place it on a stovetop and you can have your food heated in a short while.

Food Processor

The food processor is a great appliance to have in your kitchen and it is handy due to the various tasks it can accomplish. However, the fact that it takes quite some space is a reason to get rid of it and find an alternative. If you do not have a food processor, you do not need to beat yourself up, just use your blender.

The blender will be effective as a food processor; it can puree, chop, puree, and even shred vegetables to your desired size. This is one of the best ways to substitute the food processor. That is why it is important to pick a blender that is well suited for your needs.


However, you can also use a knife to chop, shred and puree your ingredients in the kitchen. There is nothing that the food processor does which you cannot handle with a chef’s knife.


As long as you have good bread, you do not really need a toaster to be able to enjoy toasted bread. You can make a toast using a skillet, which you will place on the stovetop. It is very easy since you just place the bread on the skillet and after a few minutes your toast will be ready.

You can also toast your bread using a grill, where you place the bread and leave it for a few seconds. You will have amazing toast, without using a toaster. You may also consider placing the bread under the boiler and it will come out crispy.



Cooking and cleaning go hand in hand and that is why most people have dishwashers. This is one of the appliances that most families consider to be valuable, and cannot imagine living without one. The truth is, it is not a necessity and you can do just fine without a dishwasher.

There is no secret in this; all you need to do to replace your dishwasher is cleaning dishes with your hands. Just grab a sponge, some soap and wash the dishes from the kitchen sink. This will also give you an opportunity to inspect if any of your dishes are cracked.


In the event that you have so many dishes, you may get someone to help you clean the dishes and this will eliminate the need to have a dishwasher.


So there you have it; there are so many ways of getting things done in your kitchen without these modern appliances like the Best French Press. We have just highlighted some of the common items in the kitchen. Using this as a guide, you can get creative and eliminate most of the huge appliances that take up space and consume too much energy. Take a look around and you will realize that going the old fashion way may be a great solution, even to enhance your family bond, when doing tasks.

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