Creative Ways To Make Small Homes Appear Bigger

Last Updated on March 24, 2022 by Kravelv

Space is one of the most important things that first-time buyers look for when purchasing a property. 77% of people considered the size of a home to be the deciding factor when they were browsing houses. However, it does not always matter if the home seems a little small to begin with. By applying some creative interior design, you can always make your home seem larger than it actually is. It is important to thing to do when you are a new homeowner or looking to resell. Here are a few simple ideas that will help you achieve this.

The illusion of colour

Colour has many different psychological effects. Among them is the power to make a room seem smaller or larger than it actually is. Dark colours are more noticeable and therefore tend to have a claustrophobic effect, giving you the perception that a room is a lot smaller than it is. These dark colours should be avoided at all costs when you are decorating your home in favour of bright, light colours that are subtle.

Cream, beige and pale blues and greens, for example, are the most effective choices for giving you the perception of having more space. Consider getting furniture and wall coverings that match this, as well as bright high gloss flooring that can be purchased in cream, white and oak shades. Ensuring your room is coherent and unified in its colour scheme is important to achieve this, too.

Glass doors open up the home

In a home with limited space, dividing it into different rooms is probably the worst thing you can do. By closing off one room from another, it inevitably keeps the house looking compact. However, by having a more open plan style in which rooms are exposed to one another, your home stops looking like a bunch of tiny rooms and feels more like one big, sizeable house. Connecting the rooms with clear glass doors, or even removing them altogether, is a good way to achieve this.

Invest in storage facilities

Of course, the more items lying around a room, the less room you actually have. Homeowners concerned about size should, therefore, invest in storage facilities that will keep each particular room tidy. An ottoman is an ideal storage item as it can also function as a coffee table or footstool and you do not need as much furniture this way. Another excellent storage facility is shelving elevated near the ceiling where you can put books, films, files, etc. As well as keeping the floor space open, these create the illusion of having a taller room than you actually have by offering some scale.

Decorating the room to maximise space

Arguably the best way you can create the illusion of having more room in your home is by decorating it in a way that maximises the space you have. There are several creative ways you can fulfil this. One is by having rugs that break each room into compartments (e.g. the sofa area, the dining area, etc.) making it seem like there is more to a room than there actually is. Another is to hang up some eye-catching wall art. A respite from blank walls, art can immerse you and makes it appear like there is more space in the home that there may actually be.

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