How to Burglar Proof your Entry Doors?

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kravelv

There is a drastic increase in the crime rate and statistics show that at least 70% of thefts happen through the entry door. Hence it is crucial that you give special emphasis to the security of your home, especially the main door. There’s of course the risk that entry is possible through other aspects too like the windows or other back doors. Burglar proofing tips are thus very important in this aspect. Some of the factors that you should keep in mind are-

Get Cameras and Alarm for Entry Door

One of the first thing that you can do here is make sure that there are plenty of cameras around the door. This includes a main camera at the entrance to see who’s arriving.  The camera should also be connected to your phone or other members of the house too. Doing so helps to keep a track of who’s visiting your home in your absence.

Alongside do make sure that there is an alarm option too. It will help you to keep a tab of what’s happening around. Anyone who will make an attempt to tamper with the locks of your door in your absence would thus have to deal with immediate alarms. Also, the camera would help to get the pictures of the burglars too. This is one of the best ways to prevent crime because looking at cameras and evident alarm systems, some burglars might back off.

Avoid Door Windows

A lot of people like to have entry doors with a slight window feature. This helps to give a clearer view of who’s at the door, especially with glass and iron or steel grid ones. Moreover, it also adds to the aesthetic appeal and overall decor of the house. The other aspect to keep in mind is though these may actually enhance your decor, they are not safe. Any kind of window margin on the entry door makes it susceptible to breakage or rather easier to break through. In fact you should try to go windowless if possible.

An alternative is a dual entry door option. Here, there is a study door made of either wood or similar materials on the inside, while there is an external door on the outside with a window. So a double door system makes it more difficult to break in. Also, it enhances security because you can see who’s at the door before letting them come in or opening the gate. Make sure that if you are looking for some window options on the doors then you have dual doors as it minimizes risks.

Avoid having too many shrubs near the entry door

A lot to people love going green and like to have a lot shrubs and plants around the door. In such cases, there’s a chance that a burglar is hiding in the bushes waiting for your door to open. The moment it does, they would get a chance to pounce right in and enter your home. Considering that your door was already open, there’s no away that an alarm would go off either. So if possible keep both the sides of you gates free from dense bushes.


Get Deadbolt

An entry door should be sturdy, durable and also features extra locks like the dead bolt. A lot of people may consider this to be a heavy-duty option but the truth is that it really works. The bolts come in a variety of price ranges and it is important that you lay focus on the security rather than just the cost of these doors.