The Perks of Installing Fiberglass Doors

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Fiberglass is one of the most durable materials available out there. Made by combining plastics and glass fibers, it used in basketball rings, crankbait fishing rods, boats, and even car parts. Given these applications, you can see how tough fiberglass is. How about in homes? In doors? Is fiberglass effective as a door material? Definitely. Need more proof? Here’s a quick rundown of the perks you’ll enjoy when you get a fiberglass door:

  • Excellent durability. Fiberglass doors are tough. Imagine the amount of wear and tear a fiberglass panel can withstand when used on boats or cars. Now put that kind of durability on a door. Aside from surviving impact, fiberglass doors are immune to fire, water damage, pest, changing temperature, and strong winds.

The Perks of Installing Fiberglass Doors1

  • Low maintenance. Fiberglass is tough so it doesn’t need TLC for every little thing. While the door can certainly benefit from routine care, all it will really need is regular cleaning. You can even whip up your own cleaning solution. Fiberglass doors may develop rough surfaces after some years, but this can be easily prevented by coating the door with some sealant.
  • Easy handling. Despite featuring toughness on par with metal doors, fiberglass doors are not as heavy. Lighter door panels mean less strain on the hinges or rails so it doesn’t take as much effort to operate the door. Not bad for something that can stand up to the worst Mother Nature can dish out.

The Perks of Installing Fiberglass Doors2

  • Versatility. Fiberglass doors can be used as both an interior and an entry door, although it is generally used as the latter. However way you choose to use them anyway, they will do good work of keeping unwanted individuals at bay. Given how a fiberglass door seamlessly combines form and function, it can easily be used to complement a home no matter what your needs might be.
  • Stylish design. Thanks to technological advancements, it is possible to enjoy fiberglass doors in a range of colors and textures. It can even mimic the appearance of wood, for instance, which is a beautiful door material save for its disadvantages. With a fiberglass door, you can enjoy the exquisite charm of a wooden door without having to deal with high maintenance, rot and fire risk.

The Perks of Installing Fiberglass Doors3

  • Energy efficiency. Fiberglass doors offer excellent insulation, whose effects are given a boost when paired with high-quality weatherstripping around the door. By keeping air leaks and heat transfer to a minimum, fiberglass doors aid in stabilizing indoor temperature for your home, preventing your HVAC system from overworking and needlessly guzzling power which will reflect on your energy bill as savings.

The Fiberglass Difference

As a material, fiberglass is relatively new to the scene but it is already making big waves as an excellent door option. Tough, lightweight, and stylish, it’s easy to call fiberglass as the perfect door material. While a fiberglass door may cost more than metal, wood or vinyl, the perks that come with installing one makes the premium cost worth the investment.


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Tom S. Jensen is a Project Management Consultant for Renewal by Andersen of Nashville. Backed by more than 10 years of experience, he has been overseeing replacements and installations for the company, boasting of affiliations with the Andersen Corporation, the largest window and door manufacturer in the U.S.


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