5 Unique Remodeling Trends To Look Out For In 2018

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Remodeling homes is much like fashion; it changes all the time! The downside is that you can’t make changes to your house as fast or easily as your wardrobe.

This year, though, it’s all about the details. With a few smart tweaks and a defined budget, your home can be one of the trendy homes of 2018.

Want to know how?

Let’s explore the new trends.

1. Colorful Kitchens

The color lover in you will be delighted to know that all-white, black, or gray kitchens are officially on their way out! The richer a kitchen’s color palette, the better for a homeowner’s fashion standing it is.

This is not to say that you smash all the colorful appliances and buy a rainbow set of cutlery. Stick to rich, deep tones that evoke appetite, safety, warmth, and all the good things a kitchen has to offer.

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Warm wooden tones like mahogany could give your cabinets a nice lift. Inject some grays, blues, or even greens and yellow to make some pops of color in between.

2. Warm Pairings

Rip out the polished white tiles and get in some lovely wooden floors for an elegant, refinished touch. If your tiles are too precious or too expensive to rip out, you can cover them up with some rust, gray, earth red, and yellow throw rugs.

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For large furniture and wide expanses of carpets, go for a neutral but still cozy color. This includes gray, tobacco, navy or caramel shades. Want to set a warm tone outside? You can call a South Jersey emergency roofer and specify the color combination for the roof.

3. The Bucket Sinks

Those vanity basins are simply not practical anymore; plus, they’re too run-of-the-mill now. Look towards the modern farmhouse trend and invest in a nice, deep bucket sink to handle all your daily washing needs.

These sinks are long, narrow, and super easy to keep clean and new-looking. The rustic effect they give is simply too wonderful to resist. Don’t just relegate these sinks to your laundry room; you deserve a proper washing-up experience too.

4. Calming Down In The Bedroom

A bedroom is usually defined as a place to sleep, but let’s face it; we watch TV, browse social media, and even work from this comfiest room of the house. Make sure the air conditioning is working just fine by calling HVAC Contractors.

The blue light from our screens is already making us sleepless, so there’s no sense in compromising sleep even further with exciting, bold colors. Instead, think minimalism for your bedroom settings. The less clutter there is, the less your mind will be distracted when it’s time to rest. Go for soothing and neutral colors, with almost any shade of blue reigning supreme.

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Along with the color, get the bare minimum of furnishings for your bedroom. Get some soft fabric to cover any chairs or sofas you have near the bed. The more calming the atmosphere, the better and more refreshing sleep you’d get.

5. Details In The Architecture

Finally, you should put some serious thought into bringing out the elegance of your house. There’s no need to knock down walls or completely refurbish the floors and walls.

Something as simple as a different wainscoting pattern can make your home feel new all over again. If you can, spring for a tray ceiling for that modern, stylish look.

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If there’s a place to eat in the kitchen other than the very middle of it, make it serviceable. A little breakfast nook will free up kitchen space and be a high-end touch that will impress any visitor. It will also be convenient for those busy mornings.

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