7 Ways to refresh your guest bedroom

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The guest bedroom is often the most neglected room in your home. Have you ever welcomed a visitor, only to realise that your washing, home office and last year’s festive decor seem to be crowding their accommodation?

An ideal guest space should be light, airy and neutral. It should enhance the stay of your guests with a good night’s sleep and a comfortable, private room to relax in. In most modern custom homes, the guest room is built for that exact purpose. But in older builds? It could be the right time for an upgrade.

To create a guest bedroom that is a home away from home for your friends and family, follow these tips.


  1. Are You Going to Knockdown Rebuild?

How much are you willing to invest in transforming the space? Is this a weekend do-over or do you have serious custom home plans to put in action? Establish your end goal from the outset to understand your budget constraints, before you begin to tweak your guest bedroom.

If a knockdown rebuild isn’t what you’re after, then it’s easy to upgrade your guest bedroom without taking too much from your savings or downtime. Identify the major pain points you need to focus on – will the carpet need to be ripped up? Is the window damaged?

  1. Pick the Right Colour Theme

Is your guest bedroom half-finished, with old paint curling at the corners? If so, it could be time to start work on the basics first. Choose a colour palette that will suit your space and compliment the rest of your home style. If your guest bedroom is on the small side, try to go with lighter colours – leave the bold hues for your decorating.

Greys, blues and warm earthy colours are modern and versatile when it comes to picking your furniture. The major colours of your guest bedroom will set the tone for the space, the best practice is to have at least some idea of your furniture style before you begin painting.

  1. Illuminate Your Room

Try not to blind your guests with a campground style white light, or leave them to wander in the dark with only a few candles. Choosing the perfect lighting for your guest bedroom means picking something that can pass undetected. Your first port of call should be to replace a damaged or outdated fixture with a modern pendant light.

To give your guests a balance between natural glow and artificial lighting, consider investing in sheer curtains to be placed over the windows. These are great to filter sunlight into your guest bedroom while still protecting the privacy of your guest. Sheer curtains suit many interior styles and are simple to DIY as well.

  1. New, Fresh Bed Linen

Still using the same bed cover you’ve had since you first moved? Out with the old, in with the new. Online shopping makes it easier than ever to find beautiful linen pieces on a budget. To go with brighter walls and decor, select a neutral colour. For a crisp white space, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce some colour.

Ensure you have plenty of pillows at the ready. In the winter, a warm throw will be a welcome addition. Paying attention to the smaller details is the best way to create a guest bedroom worth of those magazine feature luxury homes.

  1. De-Clutter Before They Arrive

Welcome your guests with a courteous approach by clearing out your clutter before they arrive. Often, visitors can feel uncomfortable imposing on someone else’s house. Sleeping surrounded by an array of your belongings is only likely to make them feel like an unwelcome intrusion.

Take out any personal items that don’t need to be in your guest bedroom during their stay, likes children’s toys and work files. If you keep most of your home storage in the spare bedroom, consider picking up some stylish storage boxes to keep the mess neat and hidden.

  1. Choose Multi-Function Furniture

If your guest bedroom is also your personal home office, maximise the space by choosing furniture pieces that are functional. A writing desk and comfortable corner seat can be a great addition for your guests and work well with your day-to-day life.

For those of you who are looking to redesign on a budget, considering purchasing a sofa bed. There are many beautiful options available, which will help you to save money and space where you need it.

  1. Freshen Up with A Finishing Touch

Fresh market flowers or a unique scented candle by the window let your visitors know that you’re thinking of them. If your guest bedroom features an ensuite bathroom, consider including a small care package with soaps to put a smile on their stay. If they really need convincing? A few sneaky sweets never did any harm!


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