10 Tips For Controlling The Pests In Summer

Last Updated on March 30, 2022 by Kravelv

Summer provides warm, long days and an excellent environment for some outdoor activities. But summer will also be the season where all kinds of pests will be highly active. If you don’t take protective measures such as hiring a pest inspection company to control and keep them away from your home, these pests can make your life horrible. Below, we list nine simple tips you can use to keep the pests in check this summer.

Clean The Yard

The first thing you should do is to clean the yard. Remove all waste from the yard and clear out any standing water. A pool of water during summer season can quickly become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. And these insects can get into your home and spread dangerous diseases. Cleaning up the yard will definitely help to control the population of mosquitoes.

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Pets And Flea Infestation

You should also take precautions to prevent flea infestation in your pets. Just a few fleas can turn out into thousands in a matter of only a few weeks. As such, it is extremely important to have a pest inspection in your area. Quickly treat the pet and get rid of all the flea infesting the animal. If you neglect to do this, then the flea will infect your home eventually. You can use flea repelling products and shampoos to regularly wash your pet. This should help to minimize the chances of flea infestation.

Physical Traps

They are a great way to detect, catch or prevent pest invasions on your property. For instance, as the experts at https://iguanacontrol.com/trapping/ say, you can use a live catch or cage pole to trap those nasty iguanas.

Check Windows And Doors

Since summer is the time insects are most active, you should expect increased insect activity inside your home. One way to limit this is by checking the door and windows for any holes or cracks. The insects will use such openings to get inside the home. So, if you see even a small hole or crack, ensure that you seal it off completely so that not even air can enter through it.

Clean Dirty Dishes Quickly

People have a tendency to keep the dirty dishes in the sink and only clean it later on. This is a harmless habit under normal conditions. But during summer, this is a bad habit. Dirty dishes will attract all kinds of insects and bugs. Even geckos and cockroaches will be attracted to the dirty dishes while searching for their food. So, always clean the dishes immediately after you have eaten the meals. Never let it sit dirty in the sink.

Handle Garbage Efficiently

When it comes to dealing with garbage, you should be careful to never keep the waste in an open can, especially if the waste is organic since it can attract a large number of flies, bugs, cockroaches etc. When you put the waste in the garbage can, close it up. Plus, keep the can away from your home. If you place it too close to the home, then the flies and bugs hovering around it will eventually get inside the house.

Avoid Water Pooling

Leaky faucets can be another big source of pest infestation during summer. The heat of the season will force the pests to search out for water throughout the home. As such, if a faucet is leaking and there is water pooled below it, then these insects can gather around the water. Slowly, these pests will grow in numbers and become a big nuisance. So, repair all the leaky faucets and make sure that no water is pooled inside the home.

Hire A Pest Control Service

Finally, you should consider hiring a professional pest control agency like NaturaPestControl.com to exterminate the pests in your home before summer sets in. They will find out all the pests infesting your home and ensure that all such insects, bugs etc. are completely destroyed. And by doing so, you will only need to do minimal maintenance to keep the home pest-free in summer.

Fruit Flies

Summer is the season when fruits ripen, fall to the ground, and rot out. And this can attract large numbers of fruit flies, which can eventually enter your home. So, if there is a fruit-bearing tree near your home, remember to pluck out all ripened fruits. And if the fruits fall to the ground, then do not leave it there to decompose. Instead, pick it up and place the fruit elsewhere. You can also set up fruit fly traps to catch and get rid of the insects.

Wasp Nests

There will also be an increased activity among wasps during summer. And these insects can be pretty dangerous. If you have children in your home, then you should be very wary of wasp nests anywhere near the property. You must destroy those nests right at the beginning itself when the wasp population is too low.