How to get an impressive kitchen makeover with Granite Worktops

Last Updated on March 2, 2022 by Kravelv

The kitchen is practically the heart of our respective homes. Everyone needs food to survive and that comes from the kitchen. Most people have fond and emotional memories associate with their kitchens. So, it is only likely that we try to furnish our kitchen with best possible materials. The good news here is that nowadays we have more options than we used to have in the past. Still, a few classics remain perfect and highly sought after. Granite kitchen worktops for the kitchen are among the classics that never go wrong.

Granite is Beautiful

Granite is a natural material. It is not made of factory made materials and hence it has a natural charm to it. Black granite kitchen worktops lend a very classy look to your kitchen. However, looks are not the only reason to opt for granite.

Granite Worktops1

Absolute Black Extra Granite Polished

Here are a few more reasons for you consider a kitchen makeover with granite.

Granite is Strong and Durable

Granite is a very solid material. It does not get easily damaged and it is a very important property especially in a kitchen because it will always come in touch with acidic and corrosive materials in a kitchen. Also, it also accesses the heat from the burner or the heated up utensils on a day to day basis. Brittle materials will require frequent repairs and replacements in such a condition. But granite is known for its durability and it easily survives such situations for years.

Granite is  practically Non-porous

There is always something being spilt on the kitchen Worktops. It may be ketchup or coffee or gravy or fruit juice or vinegar. The result is that leaves indelible stains on various parts of the kitchen. With time they start to look very ugly. Thankfully, granite has a non-porous surface. That means, it has a very smooth surface that does not soak in these juices. As a result, it does not get easily stained or discoloured unlike some other materials. This is exactly why granite is essential for a clean and beautiful kitchen.

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Sensa Star Black Galaxy Granite Worktops by Cosentino

Granite is Easy to Clean

Due to the aforementioned qualities, granite is also very easy to clean. You can easily soak it in detergents and rub all the stains. Since it is hard and durable, it does not wear away easily. Also, since it is non-porous, the stains remain at the surface level, that can be removed easily. Its beautiful colour also remains intact for a long time unlike many other materials such as marble.

So, overall, granite is an excellent choice for kitchen tops and other countertops of any kind. The only thing you should make sure is that your supplier is providing the best quality stones for the purpose. Do note that there are various types of granite available and the quality may depend on their place of origin too. So, just collect enough information about various types of granites and pick the right one according to your tastes and requirements to make the most of your investments and beautify your home.

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