Home Security 101: How To Make Your Home More Secure With These Simple Security Upgrades

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The safety of you and your family hinge on excellent home security. While you’re welcome to rush out and buy the latest high-tech security system, there are other simple and effective ways to protect what you care about most.

  1. Secure Your Windows

Make sure all your windows shut and lock securely. Over time latches can wear out or slip out of alignment. This results in an easy access point for intruders. With a bit of handy work, you can realign or repair latches to make sure all your windows can’t be opened from the outside.

Burglars will now have to work a lot harder by smashing the glass, but they can still get in through large enough windows. Consider installing some security bars on at most risk windows, to prevent this

  1. Fortify Your Doors

Install deadbolts on all your doors, if they don’t already have them. Also, make sure your doors are sturdy. If one is flimsy or damaged, then either repair it or buy a replacement and install it. Finally, check for any rot as this will compromise the structural integrity of the door. It’s amazing how easy it is to kick in a door, which is why it is one of the most common ways intruders gain entry to properties.

A window on your front door may look pretty, but it’s extremely easy to smash the glass, reach in, and unlock the door. Consider, either installing a replacement door or putting bars over the window.

Doors with hinges on the outside are also a security concern as thieves can dismantle them. If this is the case merely reinstall your door with the hinges on the inside.

  1. Don’t Flash Your Cash

If you own expensive items, don’t make it obvious. A flash car is best parked in the garage, instead of in the driveway. Parking it in plain sight, not only puts it at risk of getting stolen, but also showcases your personal wealth, and therefore the potential value of items inside your house.

Any high-priced goods, such as a flat screen TV, that are visible through windows, also make it evident that you have cash. Keep blinds closed to conceal expensive merchandise from anyone peeking from the curb.

  1. Conceal Your Spare Key

You don’t want to leave your spare door key in an easily discovered location. This may seem obvious, but it becomes a potentially disastrous habit for many people. Find a new place that no one would ever think to look. You can even place the key in a bag and bury it.

  1. Make Your Home Look Occupied

The highest percentage of burglaries occur during the day when many houses are unoccupied. Consider installing window shades that make it difficult for potential intruders to see if anyone is home. You could also leave the TV or radio on, to give the appearance that someone is about. Of a night install outdoor sensor lights as this will also help to deter potential intruders from trying to break into your home.

  1. Consider a Security Camera

You can easily install a security camera for your home. Even easier, install a dummy security camera. Burglars are afraid of getting caught and look for easy targets. Any home that appears to have a security setup will deter them.

If you opt for a real camera, then there are many cheap options that are easy for you to install yourself. The video feed can even be connected to your computer or smartphone so that you can see what’s happening in real-time.

Remember, burglars case a property first, so if you’re viewing your footage and see someone overly interested in your home, consider what their motives are. Perhaps they are just admiring your stunning garden, but perhaps not…

  1. Get a Dog

Seriously, if you’re ever thought about getting a guard dog, then consider that they are possibly the greatest deterrent to intruders. The last thing a burglar wants to deal with is a yelping beast that will inform your entire household of their presence. Even pups will bark their lungs out, so don’t think that you have to get a big dog. It’s the noise, not the bite, that stops burglars.

Upgrade Now!

Hopefully, these simple security measures have been of benefit to you. Maybe you’re one of the lucky few that live in a neighborhood with a zero chance of home intruders, but for those not that fortunate, remember, the protection of your valuables, as well as the safety of your family, should be given the highest priority. Start upgrading your home’s security today!


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