Philips Hue Go: Add color into your Room

Last Updated on February 25, 2022 by Kravelv

We don’t know if Philips intentionally named this new smart lamp sounds like the famous brand of perfume, or just maybe they didn’t notice that it sounds that way. This half-circle-like smart lamp is can be controlled using your tablet or smartphone sounds cool right?!

Philips Hue Go is ideal for a bedside table especially on kids rooms. The lamp has a button at its bottom that can make the built-in LEDs to make a flickering flame effect, shift colors or just plain steady. At the bottom you can also see a small bump that helps the lamp to angle on any position, if you want you can also lie it flat like a bowl.

Hue Go has a rechargeable battery that can last up to three hours, which makes it very ideal for it to be move around the house. You can also leave it plugged in if you want. Though this lamp is too dim and tiny to serve any lighting purpose, it has an effect to make any room lively and pleasant. It’s price is not that expensive for a designer lamp, but you can only get its full benefits of this smart lamp unless you doesn’t have the Hue Bridge.

philips hue go green

This $60 box is the brains of the Hue concept, it connects  to your Wi-Fi network to so you can use and controll all the Hue gadgets in your home using only  your Apple or Android phone, tablet or watch. Hue light bulbs fit in ordinary sockets, that way you can control all the lights in your house via Hue app, which ‘recipes’ that allow you to switch from one lighting setup to another on command or by preset times. For you to experience this, you’d need to spend quite a lot of money.

philips hue go side

Hue is also compatible with Apple Home Kit, which means other compatible accessories can trigger lighting changes, and with Philips’ own Ambilight TVs, all the lights in your living room can change color in sync with what’s happening on screen. Just like any other ‘internet of things’ devices, Hue Bridge needs an internet access to get updates and add new features. Back in December, Philips used an update so that lights from other manufacturers will not work with it. But since many consumers weren’t pleased and happy with the said update, Philips reversed the decision, so now, the Hue Bridge can still control a wider range of gadgets.

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