12 Tips on How to Prevent a Home Invasion

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Your home is your castle keeping it secure and your family safe should be a high priority. While many articles focus on how to handle a burglar once they have entered your home, this article instead will focus on methods to make your home less appealing to burglars. Consider the mindset of someone wanting to illegally enter your home, most burglars or home invaders are opportunists they’re looking for easy targets with a low chance of risk to themselves. Finding a way on how to prevent home invasion or reduce the probability that someone would want to illegally enter your home can be done in 12 easy steps.

1. Secure Your Doors and Windows

This may seem like a no-brainer but many people forget to lock their doors and windows and they provide an easy access point to burglars. According to the FBI in 2017 about 36 percent of burglaries in the United States are considered unlawful entry meaning intruders were able to gain entry without breaking in usually through an unlocked door. Each night before you go to bed you go through the routine of checking all the doors and windows and make sure they’re locked. Regarding the locks, use deadbolt locks at a minimum as opposed to simple push-button locks for another layer of protection.

Consider using a door security bar if someone tries to kick down your door they’ll find this to be a very difficult task. Sliding glass doors and windows are also very vulnerable. Using a wooden dowel or another solid object helps prevent windows and sliding doors from being opened should the log be compromised. Also, when moving into a new home, consider the following:

  • have all your locks change.
  • Put a lock on the circuit breaker if it is outside the house.
  • Make sure the door hinges are on the inside.
  • Never leave keys in their doormats flowerpots and mailboxes or other “secret” hiding places

2. If you have it, don’t flaunt it.

Flaunting your wealth sends a signal that you have things that they’re probably gonna want. So simple thing you can do is keep your curtains closed. There’s no reason to show off on the nice things you have in your house. It is also not advisable to leave a box of a new big-screen TV you just purchased or some other expensive thing that you got in your yard or outside of your door. When you put that box out there everybody that drives by knows that you now have some new things and you’ll attracting burglars to come over at your house.

3. Fake it till you make it

Security systems are expensive, but you can actually fake it. To do this, you can go to Amazon or eBay and buy the little yard signs and the stickers to stick on your windows and your doors that indicate that you have a security system, that your home is protected by a security system. These sticker kits are not expensive, buy a couple of signs and stickers enough to stick around on windows and doors. Often, this is enough to deter someone from trying to break into your home. When they saw it they’re not going to risk it.

If you want to take it one step further you can buy fake security cameras they’re also available online and in your local store. they’re relatively cheap just buying a couple of them and position them in the four corners of your home will enough to give would-be burglars a second thought of in invading your home. Some of these fake cameras are so good that you can’t differentiate it from the real ones.

4. Dog is your home’s best friend

You don’t necessarily need a large attack dog but rather a small barking dog will do just as fine. The moment your dog makes noises and barks someone may think twice about attempting to break into your home. Also, this will alert your neighbors as well. They will probably peek at their windows or doors to see why is your dog barking.

5. Make it appear someone is at home

Contrary to popular belief, most home invasions don’t occur at night. According to Alarms.org 6% of burglaries often occur between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Most times a burglar attempting to access your home during the day will pose as a salesman to find out if someone is home. Oftentimes they’ll knock on your door and if no one responds, though either tries to gain access via the door they just knocked on or other points of entry.

6. Do some landscaping

You can accomplish a lot by some very simple landscaping to prevent home invasion in your property. Trim trees and shrubs so they cannot be used as a hiding place for intruders. Also, consider putting plants around your house that has thorns, anything you can do to make it difficult for them to get close your house will make it that much more challenging

7. Install home security systems

in the context of our discussion to prevent a home invasion having a visible home security system or the appearance of a home security system can work in your favor. On a side note, some would argue that having a visible home security system would give a burglar a reason to suspect you might have something that’s worth stealing. But we believe that home security system can give you an advantage if it alerts you that someone is trying to break into your home.

Now there are several approaches that you can take when it comes to home security systems. The first option is to put up like a home security sign or stickers lease in the clear message that you have some type of security system installed and it’s gonna give an intruder a second thought about whether they want to try to force their way into your home. Another option is outside security cameras, this way you can monitor any movement outside your home without physically going outside. Another option is having a doorbell camera on your door, this way you can see the person outside before you open it. And lastly, you can purchase a home security package from various home security companies that offer it. Some of these companies are ADT, Simplisafe, Xfinity, and many more.

8. Secure your home while on vacation

Here are some simple things you can do to not draw attention to would-be home invaders checking out your neighborhood while you are on vacation, especially on the holiday season.

Put some lamps inside your home – Set it on an automatic timer that will turn on during night time to give the illusion of your house is not empty.

Have someone mow your lawn – if someone sees that you have an overgrown lawn it’s probably a good indicator that you’re not around.

Don’t post on social media –  social media can easily provide a lot of information to people you don’t even know.

Have neighbors remove the mail and newspapers – If you’re away, mails and newspaper may accrue at your house or have the post office put a hold on delivery.

9. Secure the garage

Keep your garage doors and windows closed. You don’t want to advertise the things that are in your garage. Also, the door that leads from the garage into the house is one of the least secured doors in people’s homes. It’s often left unlocked and it’s a lot of times, not a very secure door it might only have a simple lock that can be picked relatively easy. Sometimes they have deadbolts sometimes they don’t. Especially if it’s an older home. This is something you want to take into consideration so keep your garage door closed, don’t leave your car door unlocked, don’t leave keys in the vehicle, or in plain view.

If you have windows in your garage make sure it is locked and you have coverings on them. Don’t allow somebody to look into your garage to see if your cars are in the garage, to see if your home or not. These are not the things you want people to know so either get a window covering for your windows buy a spray paint that’s like a window frosting and spray it on your window it lets all the light in but you can’t actually see through it.

10. Know your neighbors

Know the people around you and the people that come near your house on a regular basis. Having a good relationship with your neighbors is always a win-win situation. The phrase “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” is definitely suitable for this situation. Your neighbors can keep an eye on your house while you’re away, they can also provide you so information if there any suspicious people that are observing your home. They can also contact you right away if there are any emergencies within your property. So maintaining a healthy relationship with your neighbor is a must.

11. Keep Track of your deliveries

Make sure you keep a track of your deliveries. If you order something on Amazon or any store, make sure you know your tracking numbers. So you will have an idea of when these things are coming. Know your postal workers, your FedEx, and your UPS delivery men so if they come to your door with a package you know who they are. That way if somebody comes to your door and says delivery, you will be on guard if it’s not your usual guy. Do not open that door immediately and this is especially important for family members, children, spouses, or relatives if they’re home alone.

Some professional burglars may attempt to impersonate your delivery guy and trick you or any member of your family into opening the door. And if they gain access to the front door, they can force their way inside and do harm to your family and property. That is why it is important you track your deliveries.

12. Turn on the lights

Make your house well lit at night. So when burglars looking to enter your home or “eyeing” it will have a second thought in doing so. If you don’t want to keep your lights on all night because you want to save some electricity, try using a motion detector light. These lights as their name suggests will turn on the moment they detect motion.

So these are only some of the simple ways on how you can prevent a home invasion into your own home. If you find these tips helpful and if you do care about someone, share this article with them so they can make their homes secure too.

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