4 Benefits of Home Security Systems and Their Types

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Kravelv

It’s common knowledge that installing a home security system enhances the safety of the occupants of a residential property. However, the word “safety” may have a broader meaning than you think. For example, security systems are most often viewed as just burglar alarms that prevent your house from being robbed or vandalized. But different models are also designed to prevent damage from natural threats such as fire, flooding and carbon monoxide. Additionally, upgrading your house with an automated security system can have supplemental benefits you’ve never thought about. In this article we will go over all the advantages a modern security system can offer homeowners, and also their types.

4 Benefits of an Efficient Home Security System

Homeowners’ Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies consider security system installation a valuable addition to a home. For an insurance company, an efficient security system on your property means that you invest in reducing their risk of giving you their money for the compensation of possible damage if it ever happens. Therefore, many insurers offer discounts for monthly or annual premiums to homeowners who invest in their security. According to financial experts from Zacks.com, you could get as much as 20 percent worth of discounts.

Increased Property Value

If you decide to sell your home, you will want to get the best possible offer for it and sell it within the shortest possible time frame. It’s a common practice among home sellers to make improvements to their property before listing it for sale. Especially if your home is located in a bad neighborhood, a security system will add value to your house and speed up the sale. Your house will stand out from the competition, which means it will more likely attract a buyer than if it stays just another unsecured property listed for sale.

Peace of Mind

The most obvious benefit is that a secure home will help you feel safe since you will know that your property and family members are under constant watch even when you are away. While most of the time nothing happens to a property, a homeowner may still be under a constant stress, remembering about the possibility of a robbery, especially if their house is situated in a bad neighborhood. With a reliable security system the location of your home will matter less.

Environmental Disaster Prevention 

Burglars are not the only threat to security. Your home can be threatened by other hazards such as fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and natural disasters such as flooding. 

Smoke detectors can be installed in every room and on each floor to help alert you whenever there is a fire. You should also install at least one carbon monoxide detector on every floor. Carbon monoxide is considered a silent killer, as it is hard to detect since it has no smell and it cannot be seen. You could integrate each of the detectors into a reliable alarm system to alert your monitoring service whenever issues arise.

If you have a fireplace at home, also think about installing a safety gate or screen.

Although it’s not considered to be an automatic safety system, such simple hardware is an essential measure for securing a potentially dangerous zone, especially if you have small children. Here you can learn more about the types of fireplace safety hardware and see how it can be installed.

Types of Home Security Measures

If you have found the enumerated benefits convincing enough to make you look into installing a home security system, let’s enumerate their main types as well as other measures of protecting your property:

  • Burglar alarms with image sensors
  • Surveillance cameras 
  • Motion-detecting lighting outside the home
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Flood warning systems

Don’t forget about non-automated measures to protect your house:

  • Strong deadbolt locks
  • Reinforced exterior doors
  • Strong sash locks on each opening window
  • Thorny bushes under your windows

If you want to go deeper into the types of home security systems, take a look at this article on YouthfulHome.com that covers other subtypes such as DIY installation kits, security cameras, and others, as well as additional measures of protecting your property.

Two Ways to Monitor Your Security System

Modern technological advancements enable you to install security systems that monitor your property 24/7. But monitoring can be done in two ways: by the owner of the property or by a security company, for an annual fee.

Monitoring Service

If you are too busy for monitoring your system on your own, you can use a security monitoring service that takes appropriate measures, such as calling the police or your local fire department, as soon as they receive a signal from your system. Many of these companies offer installing their equipment for free—you only pay for the monitoring service.

Self-Monitored Systems

Alternatively, you can install a DIY set and enable the system to send alerts to your mobile devices to let you know what is happening when you are at work or on a trip. However, if you are on an important business meeting or you just don’t have your phone on you, you may not be able to react to the signal soon enough.


Hopefully, after reading this article you have a better idea about what a security system can offer you besides securing your house from burglary, and what kind of equipment best fits your type of property and personal needs. Whether you are looking for a self-monitored DIY kit or a professional security service company, don’t forget to shop for different options, read reviews online and compare prices.