Window Wreckers – Factors that Cause Emergency Window Repair

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Window wreckers are those external factors that cause a drastic, instant effect on your window, which in turn needs drastic, instant attention. A creaky window hinge? That could probably wait until the weekend. Mold formation? Icky, but unless it’s causing wood rot it’s not that urgent. An errant snowball from a bunch of kids playing outside crashing through your window? Now we’re talking! Here’s a quick look at some of the most notorious window wreckers out there for your window.

What can window wreckers do?

Every window wrecker is capable of neutralizing the different functions of your window. It doesn’t matter in what way or form; window wreckers will expose your home to all the bad stuff windows are supposed to keep out. To make matters even worse, a missing window compromises this thing home experts call a building envelope; a protective barrier comprised of the windows, sidings, doors, and roof keeping the weather out. Severe window damage can create a domino effect. Lose the window and another component is likely to follow.

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Super strong winds

Windows are tough enough to withstand the onslaught of moderate winds (that’s what those wind resistant ratings are for), but super-strong winds brought about by hurricanes can be more than a match for all but the most durable windows. To make matters worse, wind likes blowing on things with a large surface area, and guess what has a lot of surface area when closed.

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Heavy and hard objects

Remember that snowball example earlier? That and other heavy and hard objects are always bad news unless you’re demolishing your house (why would you?). Some of these window wreckers are harder to avoid than others such as hailstones and debris carried by strong winds. However, some of these can be completely avoided. For example, big branches that might fall on your window can be trimmed off before they pose a threat. You can also tell children to stop having snowball fights anywhere near your window.

Missing components

There’s a big difference between deteriorating and missing parts. A rusty lock can be annoying, but you’ll at least still be able to open and close your window. A missing lock is not just a problem; it’s an invitation to everything that can threaten your home ranging from burglars to blizzards. If your window’s short one hinge or panel, you might want to call an emergency window expert right away. While you’re at it, might as well have the specialist take a look at the rest of the parts; let those deteriorate enough and they’re as good as missing.

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I bet you didn’t see this one coming; most homeowners only worry about weather or time-related factors, but pests can also be dangerous window wreckers in their own right. Although not instant, carpenter ant and termite infestations still have to be dealt with right away and damaged wood framed windows have to be replaced. Larger pests such as rats and raccoons are a better example, since they are big and strong enough to cause severe damage to your window using their teeth and claws. This is one reason why I recommend replacing your windows with ones made from insect and critter proof composite material such as Fibrex®.



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  1. Pest certainly can do great damage not only on windows but as well as on the other parts of the house. So your home should be check for pests and other infestation once you’ve notice something is off.

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