Seven Things Your Windows are Telling You That You Probably Haven’t Noticed

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Windows have a way of letting homeowners know that they are due for repair, or for replacement. It’s pretty easy to discern what’s wrong, because there are often telltale signs for certain problems you may have in your home.

  1. There is Not Enough Ventilation in the Room

When condensation begins to form in the corners or along the bottom of the glass, your window is telling you that the moisture level inside your home is too high. Moisture turns to frost on your window whenever below-freezing outdoor temperatures and warm indoor temperatures come in contact with opposite sides of the glass pane. Left untreated, this can lead to premature deterioration and damage of your sills.

7 things your windows are telling you1

  1. The Window Seals are Deteriorating or Have Already Failed

Condensation forming in between glass panes, on the other hand, means  that your double- or triple- pane windows are letting outside air into your home. The reason: deteriorating or broken window seals. Inefficient use of energy is the result – boosting your utility bills.

  1. There’s a Gas Leak in between the Two Panes

When you have double-pane windows, gas fillers are placed in between the panes.  Sometimes, fillers like argon, in particular, leak out from between the glass panes. Once this happens, the insulating property of the window deteriorates, and the glass becomes cold during winter.

  1. The Wood is Swelling

If the wood windows of your home are beginning to stick or are otherwise becoming difficult to operate, air humidity may be high or the wood  damp, causing it to swell. One possible solution  is to sand down the wood to allow it to fit more easily into  place. For a sliding track, silicon or some other type of lubricant can help the window open and close with less effort.

  1. Window Track Needs Cleaning or Lubricating

Debris accumulates along window tracks regularly; all you may need is to clean the tracks to restore  easy operation. Applying  lubricant could also do the trick. Bear in mind to check for sticky weatherstripping, however, in which case you should use only dry lubricant, as an oil-based one may make matters worse  by attracting dust and dirt.

7 things your windows are telling you2

  1. The Window Does Not Close Tightly

Leaks around your windows? Locking your window should give you a tight, leak-free seal.  If not, get the seals fixed before the rainy season, as ignoring the leaks can leave you vulnerable to a significant amount of water entering your home.

  1. A Window Part Needs to be Replaced

Drafty windows  are a nuisance, especially  in winter. Homeowners will need to pay more for heating. Stopping a draft may require a window replacement, as either the sashes, panes, or the weatherstripping could be damaged.

7 things your windows are telling you3

Now that you know what your windows could be trying to tell you, be proactive about  what needs to be done. If you see any of the signs above,  call a trusted window replacement company in your area to come have a look and make the necessary repairs or replacements.


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