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Window Replacement Terminologies: A Guide for Homeowners

 Have you ever experienced trying to buy something in a foreign country where people don’t speak English? It’s hard to explain what you need, and it’s even harder trying to understand what the salesperson is saying. But such scenarios don’t just occur in non-English speaking countries. It can happen right here at home in certain situations. A good example is trying to understand something that you probably know nothing about, like window replacement.

The company’s representative will likely explain to you everything involved in window replacement. But if you know nothing about the terms they’re using, you might end up just nodding your head without understanding a thing they’re saying–even though they’re speaking in perfect English!

The aim of this article is to familiarize you with some of the most common terms used in window replacement projects so when it’s time for you to replace your windows, you’ll understand exactly what’s going on.

I. Types of Windows

KNOW YOUR OPTIONS. Windows come in different style options. By knowing what each looks like and what they offer, makes selecting the right one for your home easier.

Windows come in different types based on the operation. Here are the ones that you’d likely encounter when choosing windows for your home:

II. Parts of the Window

ANATOMY OF A WINDOW. By knowing the parts of a window, you can easily tell your window contractor which parts of the window need attention.

The first thing any window manufacturer would need from you is your window preference. It’s a bit difficult to describe what you need if you don’t know the parts of a window. Here are the most frequently used terms:

III. Replacement Windows: The Products

Today’s replacement windows are equipped with features that add to their value. Below is a list of terms that you may hear from your window dealer as they explain the advantages of their products.

NFRC LABEL. By checking the ratings on this label, you’ll know whether a replacement window is energy-efficient or not.

There are certainly more terms involved in window replacement, but the ones listed above should be enough to help you understand whatever a window replacement company representative is trying to tell you.


Author Bio:

Alex Esler serves as marketing manager for Renewal by Andersen, the window replacement subsidiary of Andersen Corporation. Their local, family owned offices in Southern New England, Greater Philadelphia, and Colorado compose the largest replacement window dealership in a network of 100 Renewal by Andersen Dealers. Always eager to help and known to maintain a positive outlook in life, Alex remains driven and inspired by her work and the causes she cares about.


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