Choosing Window Grilles for Traditional Home Styles

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Windows may not be the biggest part of your home but they can greatly affect the overall appearance of your property. They come in all shapes and sizes today but these forms are also influenced by the kind of grille options they incorporate. You’re more than free to choose anything you like but wouldn’t you want to ensure that you’re picking out the right one for your home? Here are some things you can keep in mind when choosing window grilles based on traditional architectural styles.


One of the more popular traditional home styles, colonial favors elegance and simplicity, combining clean-looking lines with neutral colors. To this effect, window grilles typically used colonial homes are usually made of wood. By separating window glass into uniformly-sized panels, colonial-style grilles add variety without making windows look too fancy.

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Craftsman-themed homes also keep a minimalistic approach to home design, featuring cozy siding, projected eaves, and low-pitched gable roofs. To help emphasize the home’s shape and feel, window grilles for this particular home style separate panels into three long vertical panels, usually without horizontal lines in the middle.

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Praire-styled homes favor shades of brown and gray, and are designed to look wider than other architectural styles, which is why big casement windows work so well with them. Effective window grilles for the home style is one where grilles run along the perimeter of the frame around each panel in a 3-window configuration. In this layout, the middle panel is bigger than side panels, offering unobstructed views.

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Tudor homes are all about contrast, combining light colored brick or stucco with dark wooden accents. This contrast can also be seen in windows installed with the home, with diamond-shaped grilles contrasting the rectangular window frames. For a different kind of contrast, window grilles for Tudor homes may also cover only half of the window frame, creating a half-clear, half-patterned look.

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Victorian visual themes put a heavy emphasis on having complex but elegant lines, with “the fancier, the better” the way to go with window grilles for the home style. This is why window grilles for Victorian homes usually have very intricate patterns. Like in Tudor homes, Victorian window grilles can take advantage of half-and-half layouts to add to the intricacy that patterns already have.

Finding the Right Window Grilles

Window grille options available to you will be numerous and can result in different effects depending on the window style you use them on. To make sure you have the best options to consider, however, it is important that you choose not just the right window manufacturer but contractor as well. A reputable manufacturer understands what homeowners are looking for, catering to their needs by offering a range of window grille options. As experts, professionals have the expertise to guide you through making the right window grille choice for your home. To learn more about window grille options available to you, don’t hesitate to give your local contractor a call today.


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