Why Casement Windows Make Great Replacements

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Are your home’s windows already old and deteriorated? Tired of having your windows fixed so soon after a previous repair job? If that’s the case, then you should consider getting your windows replaced. Fortunately, there will be a number of options available to you, allowing you to pick out a window replacement best suited for your home. To help you zero in on the best choice, you should get to know your options, starting with casement windows.

Why Casement Windows?

This type of window has been popular for hundreds of years – proof of its simple but effective design. Specifically, casement windows make great replacements because:

  • They are easy to operate. Casement windows have sashes that are attached to the frame via hinges. This minimizes contact between the sash and the frame, which means there’s less friction when opening or closing the window. This makes them easier to operate, even when larger in size. Casement windows can also be opened or closed with one hand, thanks to the crank they come with, so they are ideal for use over counters in kitchens and other spots that may be difficult to reach.

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  • They offer excellent outdoor views. Casement windows feature expansive glass areas and can afford to be larger without sacrificing ease of use so they can offer a better view of the outside. This makes the window perfect for rooms facing the garden or patio, connecting the beautiful view of the outdoors with your home’s cozy interior.
  • They promote better lighting. Along with an excellent outdoor view comes plenty of natural light during daytime. This may not seem like much at first glance, but the amount of energy you can save just by keeping your lights off during daytime can easily add up to a lot of savings in the long run. Letting in a lot of natural light also lets casement windows help you improve interior appearance and function through daylighting.

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  • They provide ample ventilation control. When you open double hung or sliding windows, you’ll notice that you can only make an opening as big as one of the sashes. On the other hand, a casement window can open up to the same size as the frame itself. This is perfect for letting fresh outdoor air in the house, which can prevent respiratory problems and unpleasant odor caused by stale indoor air. You can also open casement windows at angle to catch breezes more effectively.
  • They insulate well. While casement windows do let a lot of air in when open, they have no problem keeping air leakage at bay to insulate your home properly. The window’s insulative properties also improve when combined with multi-pane glazing, which helps prevent outdoor heat from getting in and indoor heat from getting out. This helps in stabilizing indoor temperature, keeping you warm and toasty in winter and cool as a cucumber in summer.

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Casement windows have a lot to offer but you’ll only really truly make the most out of the window as a replacement when they are properly installed, a task a reputable window installer can easily carry out for you. To learn more about casement windows, don’t hesitate to give your local window expert a call today.


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