What Makes Fibrex a Fine Window Material

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Are you planning to replace your old windows? If so, then you’re probably already looking at and comparing various window materials. Popular options you can choose from include wood, metal, and PVC for the window frames. One of the better materials you might not have considered yet, however, is  Fibrex, a superb composite material that homeowners in the know have come to love.

What is Fibrex?

Fibrex is sort of a combination of wood and PVC. The fibers that give wood its structural strength are mixed with a PVC polymer to form a solid material. This proprietary mix of wood and PVC gives Fibrex several valuable attributes that are sometimes hard to come by in other types of window frame material. Consider this:

Fibrex is lighter than wood

Remember what I said about fibers giving wood its strength? Fibrex frames boast the same strength, but differ in that the material is not as heavy as wood. This is because the PVC with which the wood fibers are mixed is incredibly light. Thanks to its lightweight nature, there’s less stress on hinges, and installation is a lot easier.

What Makes Fibrex a Fine Window Material1

Fibrex is incredibly tough

A common problem with rigid materials such as wood is that they can crack when slammed or hit by something hard. On the other hand, flexible materials such as vinyl and metal frames can get warped or bent out of shape. The combination of fibers and PVC  imbues Fibrex frames with both durability and flexibility, making them just rigid enough to hold their own against strong impact without the risk of dents or warps.

Fibrex is moisture resistant

One of the main reasons why PVC or vinyl windows are so popular is because they’re virtually immune to rust and rot, unlike wood and metal frames. However, PVC and vinyl windows are also considered as a weaker window option as compared with other materials out there. Fibrex, on the other hand, capitalizes on PVC’s water resistance in combination with the durability of other, tougher material options.

What Makes Fibrex a Fine Window Material2

Fibrex is low maintenance

Wooden window frames have to be checked every so often for signs of moisture damage, and occasionally have to be  painted over with a fresh layer of  protective coating. Metal frames have to be checked for rust spots. There’s no need to worry about that kind of maintenance when it comes to Fibrex windows. All you need to do is to keep things clean for it to outlast most other alternatives.

Fibrex offers good energy efficiency

Fibrex provides excellent thermal resistance, which means it does not absorb heat as much as other window options. This makes it a great choice, especially when considering the amount of insulation it can provide. Outdoor air and a large amount of heat that could’ve entered your home stays outside, and your appliances will have an easier time of keeping the indoors comfy without raising your electric bill!

What Makes Fibrex a Fine Window Material3

Fibrex is versatile

If you go for other window materials, you’re pretty much stuck with one texture. Metal frames can’t have the same look as wood and vice versa, but Fibrex can. In fact, Fibrex windows can either be smooth or textured, depending on your personal preferences, which means you can match it with the rest of the home regardless if you’re going for a classic theme or something more modern.


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