Bay and Bow Windows: The Best 4 Reasons To Install Them

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Bay and bow windows can be seen as variations on the same theme.  Though not quite derived from the exact same design, they are similar enough that anything that holds true for the one will similarly hold true for the other.  So why would you want to install either over another style of window?  Here are some of the best reasons to do so.

Bay and bow windows add style and curb appeal to your home

The biggest defining feature of bay and bow windows is also one of the best reasons to install them: they (pun intended) stand out.  The way they jut out past the plane of your home’s wall makes them very noticeable, and contributes a lot to your home’s ability to catch the eye of onlookers.

Both bay and bow windows work well with most, if not all, styles of home; whether your home’s architectural style is older and more traditional, or one that is sleeker and more modern, bay and bow windows can add style and elegance to what would otherwise be just another flat wall on the outside of your home.

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Bay and bow windows provide a unique view

Because of the way they overlook the area beneath them, sort of like a small balcony, bay and bow windows are able to provide a view that no other style of window can provide.  Combined with the amount of lateral space the windows occupy, bay and bow windows provide people looking out a panoramic scene that is just not available with other window types.

Bay and bow windows create space in a room

Bay and bow windows create a small but significant amount of additional useable space in the rooms in which they’re installed.  Depending on the nature of the room, this space can serve as additional shelving, as a place to put decorative potted plants or picture frames, or even as a small, cozy nook to sit at and enjoy the view from.

4 reasons to install bay and bow windows2

Bay and bow windows also add to the sense or illusion of space in a room.  No matter how much (or little) space the windows actually add, that sense of extending the boundaries of the room can help offset any feeling of closeness or cramping that being in an otherwise small room might cause.

Bay and bow windows are great for letting in natural light

Bay and bow windows have an unparalleled ability to let in natural light, and this contributes to their ability to create a sense of space in a room.  The amount of glass in their construction, coupled with the way they extend out into the light, lets in more sunlight than any other window would through the exact same size of aperture.  The resultant light and airy feeling is easily one of the best reasons for installing a bay or bow window.  The added light not only helps cut down your reliance on electric lighting, it also serves to add a warm and cozy feeling to any room in your home.

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Which way to go, bay or bow?

Ultimately, the biggest reason to go with one over the other comes down to your particular preference and sense of style.  Bay and bow windows make a great addition to any home, and to any room in your home.  Adding style, space, light, and great views to your home, there’s nothing not to like!


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