Why Families Choose Double-Storey Home Designs?

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A double-storey home is a modern type of property with more unique features to offer. It consists of two floors with separate bedrooms, kitchen, and living area, unlike one-storey houses that limit the household’s privacy. That being said, there are various floor plans to pick from that would meet your requirements, including your overall budget for construction.

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Here are other factors that will impact your decision in building a double-storey home:

  • Your Lifestyle: To live in a new house will let you consider how it will affect your current lifestyle. Make sure to select a location and home style which will suit your way of living in the long run.
  • Block Size: Smaller lots are perfectly made for a double-storey home. This is to maximize the lot size without compromising the comfort of the household. It will provide a huge outdoor space, as well as separate rooms for each member of the family.

Single-Storey Versus Double-Storey Houses

Choosing between these two home styles may confuse home buyers. However, weighing their differences can help to better compare them before deciding.

A single-storey home that is well-suited for families living with the seniors and kids. It has safer and easier to clean features but is less private compared to two-story houses. Members of the family also will not enjoy a huge outdoor space with a one-story home.

On the other hand, double-storey homes are more complex and also unsafe for the elders due to the added upper level.  The best thing is that homeowners can take advantage of a great view on its second floor, as well as with a lot of space for outdoor activities. But, cleaning a two-storey home can be challenging because of higher ceilings.

Advantages of Double-Storey Houses

The final decision is all up to your needs and preferences. However, many people opt for the second-mentioned home design for good reasons. Here is more that you should know about double-storey houses:

  • Home buyers can choose a certain floor plan for their needs. Double-storey home designs are versatile in that you can build extra rooms on the second floor, and also a backyard.
  • Adding one more floor is possible with two-level houses. Homeowners can extend their home vertically without purchasing another lot, which also reduces cost in the case of expansion.
  • With a double-storey home, families can enjoy privacy by separating the sleeping quarters away from the living room. The house layout is highly flexible according to your specific needs and wants. For that reason, guests can stay in the living area downstairs while other members of the family live in peace in their rooms upstairs.
  • Single-storey homes cannot give the best views, unlike two-storey homes. You can have the benefit of enjoying a beautiful sight from the second floor, which is impossible on the ground level.
  • Purchasing a lot can be expensive nowadays and building a two-story home will help to cut off the cost. It is like owning two houses on the same lot without paying so much cost.
  • Providing an extra room for the visitors is also possible with a two-storey house. You can guarantee that each family member can have a room but it will depend on your family’s size. They can even enjoy freedom in their private places.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Home Builder

Constructing a home design that is perfect for your needs is easier with the right home builder. The industry offers a lot of reputable builders that you can trust. Below are the qualities they must possess to ensure better work in designing your home.


Working with highly skilled home builders can guarantee the best possible results while also considering your ideas. Homebuyers should inspect their projects in the past through websites or by asking recent clients. In this way, they can assess whether the company is a good choice or it could be better to look for someone else.

Quality Building Approach

A 2-storey building aims to maximize a small block that only expert builders can do remedies. They will use home designs that are space-saving and can contain special features such as better lighting and a staircase.

A reputable builder will also show home design inspirations to help you decide, and will suggest which one could fit your needs and budget.

Licensed and Insured

Homebuilders should have a license to build a 2-storey building. Plus, they must be insured so that in case of injuries, home buyers will not be responsible for the expenses. It is also necessary for home builders to have knowledge on what they are doing, which they might recommend some factors for your good.

Best Home Builders We Recommend

The 2 storey builders in Perth can assist families to have a new home, with plenty of designs to choose from. Clients can pick from over 100 home plans all at a reasonable price. They are highly skilled with decades of experience in building double-storey houses, and other home designs of your choice.

The building experts assure that all featured home styles can fit on a wide range of land packages. It also has to offer house and lot bundles for those who plan to reside around Perth. Interested clients can contact them to explore some other services.


Summing it all up, a two-story home offers a lot of benefits, including privacy, more living spaces, and home plans that will suit your lifestyle. Finding the right builder will make the process more efficient and faster.

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