Ways to Utilize Outdoor Spaces Around Your Tiny Home to Maximize Storage

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Most people who are attracted to the tiny house movement appreciate the ability to live a more organized and minimalist lifestyle. It’s easier to embrace the space limitations of a tiny house when you see the ingenious storage solutions that these extraordinary structures offer. In fact, most tiny homeowners end up with more storage than they actually need.

If this isn’t the case for you and you’re out of internal storage options, consider the following tips on how to maximize the outdoor storage areas you have available to you.

Smart Outdoor Entertaining

You’re probably going to use the outdoors a lot since a tiny house has such a small space. So you might as well maximize the space you’re using for outdoor entertainment furniture by making your own DIY outdoor benches to sit on and make sure to incorporate hidden storage underneath. That way, you can use your outdoor furniture to store things like extra throw pillows, books, or tools. While you’re at it, go vertical with stackable storage racks that can hold things like toys, tools, and sporting gear.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool outside of your tiny home, give your pool supplies a new home this summer by making a hanging pallet that you can attach with ropes onto the fence of your home. You can paint the wooden pallet any color you like and attach coat hooks onto it to hang towels, open baskets for easy drainage when storing things like goggles, and don’t forget to hang closed containers as well for things like sunscreen. The great thing about this storage solution is that you can even keep your pool noodles inside the pallet! Who said you can’t have nice things just because you have a tiny house?

Outdoor Wood Storage

If like most tiny homeowners you use a wood stove to heat your tiny house, then you probably don’t have a whole lot of storage to keep the wood. And wood must be appropriately stored so that it’s easy to access yet safe from the elements. A workable wood storage solution for tiny homes is an alcove This type of recessed storage is great because you can locate it near the door for easy access and the best materials to use when creating your wood storage alcove include metal, concrete, and stone because they are virtually indestructible and affordable. 

Bring the Outdoors In

Raised garden beds with hardy plants will give you low-maintenance greenery or fresh-year-round produce depending on how green your fingers are. Sure, this isn’t a “storage” idea per se, but raised garden beds are a great way to externalize or even extend your indoor herb garden and minimize the amount of gardening you do inside. This is a great idea for an avid gardener who is unable to maximize their potential with indoor plants.

 Hide Your Trash

Need a place to store your trash that is outdoors and out of sight? Make your own outdoor garbage enclosure that is temper-proof and out of reach from pests. For the structure, use a base frame made from pressure-treated lumber, and place decking on top. Next, install the side frames, a back frame, and a front rail. And then some side walls, a back, front doors, and a lid. Coat the enclosure with primer and paint, and you’re good to go!

Hopefully, now you have plans for your tiny home’s outdoor area. As you can see, you can transform it without spending lots of much time or money. There are many creative uses for old wood pallets and other repurposed items to help upgrade your tiny home’s outdoor area and keep clutter in check. There is potential storage space everywhere in and outside of your home and these upgrades will also make your home more liveable.

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