Why Choose Automatic Sliding Gates for Your Home

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by Kravelv

In this day and age, security and luxury are very closely related, and safeguarding different section of your home is now within your means. In earlier days, sliding gates that operated electronically were only meant for the rich and famous, or for commercial purposes. Now, though, automatic sliding gates are quite commonly used, and even come in different variants for those who like that little extra feature with their purchase.

Benefits of Choosing Automatic Sliding Gates

Today, like the commercial sector, housing complexes and residential apartments are opting for automatic sliding gates. Here are some reasons for the popularity of these gates.

  • These gates are known to provide additional security and safety as they come with multifaceted locks, integrated safety beams and electrical sensors.
  • Automatic sliding gates are available in various colors, styles and designs and can be customized to meet the requirements of the building.
  • These gates are available at different price ranges, allowing you to take your pick according to your budget.
  • Since these gates slide, you save space and your landscaping isn’t affected.
  • Automatic sliding gates can resist any weather conditions and temperature fluctuations and are ideal for dry, cold, hot or humid weather conditions. In case of extreme climatic regions, you can always opt for sliding gates made from wrought iron or aluminum, as these gates are robust enough to endure even the most horrible weather.
  • A properly fitted automatic sliding door can increase the aesthetic beauty of your property and can also increase its resale value.
  • These sliding gates can be operated not only automatically but also manually when required. Moreover, newer models come with a remote control facility which lets you close and open the door simply by using a button on the remote.
  • These doors can be of “V”-track slide gates, rear pipe track slide gates and cantilever slide gates. “V”-track slide gates are usually not suitable for places that experience snow fall, since the track needs to be kept free from rubble. In such circumstances, cantilever slide gates can work wonders since they don’t have wheels. Rear pipe track slide gates are among the most popularly used automatic sliding door types and are also quite reliable.

Apart from all these benefits, a sliding gate is a particularly excellent option for homeowners whose homes are not exactly on horizontal ground. They work well in areas where a traditional swing gate would be unrealistic, and include a wide range of mechanisms of operation to make it simple to use.

Automatic sliding gates prevent unauthorized people from entering the premises, thereby adding a measure of extra security to your home. However, ensure that you get the right detecting devices and retreating appliances so that your gates don’t become a death trap for anyone, be it an intruder or a family member. While getting your gate installed, ensure that there are safety measures in place to prevent trapping. Use safety devices on the inner and outer sides of your automatic sliding gates so that the immediately stop functioning if the gate meets an obstacle, so that the dangers of becoming trapped in it are lessened.

Professional welders also advice to weld temporary stoppers at the closing of the gate for additional safety. This will also place as a safety precaution in case that your gate motor will not operate or will be defected in time of operation. Welders of these steel gate make sure that their gates are strong that nether a bump of a car will not damage it. It is also advisable to make a manual operating mechanism for your gate in terms the motor got busted.

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Choosing a sliding gate with care can help you give your home that added touch of sophistication and security, while sticking to your budget. With a host of options open to you, you can make good use of these gates, irrespective of whether you’re looking at a functional or decorative option. Choose the right automatic sliding gates with professional assistance so that that can find one that meets your needs and fully serves the purposes for which they have been installed.

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