How To Find A High-Quality Local Plumber

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No matter how avid a DIYer you are, when it comes to plumbing, there are simply some jobs best left to the experts. Whether you have an urgent, unexpected piping issue or are looking for someone reputable to do some essential maintenance or remodeling work, quality is not something you can afford to skimp on. That being said, finding the right plumber for the job can be a bit of a challenge.

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Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to screen quality plumbers Adelaide:

Get A Referral

Not sure where to find a good quality plumber in your area? Ask your neighbors! It’s likely they have had plumbing issues in their own house, and have already done plenty of screening to find the right person for the job. Many good plumbers build a network of clients and a reputation via word of mouth. Avoid calling the first plumber you hear of, but instead keep looking around to confirm quality. Getting at least three referrals to a plumber will ensure that you’re finding someone who is experienced, capable and trustworthy and provides good results.

If your neighbors aren’t able to help out, your family and friends may have recommendations. You can also reach out to your insurance agency for a referral, even if they aren’t paying for the repairs.

Check Online Reviews

The next best source to word of mouth for finding a good quality plumber is the internet. There are plenty of tips for finding a good handyman online, and those same rules apply when looking for a plumber. You should be able to find user reviews for any plumber that you’re considering hiring, and these will help you foresee any potential issues. The plumbing agency’s website should also be able to tell you what issues they’re equipped to handle.Know that you are protected by some pretty powerful consumer laws established by organizations such as Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), so a plumber with the right licensing is more likely to provide the quality you need.

Similarly, once you’ve found a high-quality plumber, check to make sure that they have 24/7 availability in case of emergency. Once you’ve established a good relationship with a plumber, that contact can pay off. You may even be able to refer them to friends and family in the future!

Don’t Wait For Disaster To Strike!

If you’re not much of a handyman (or woman!) yourself, it’s likely you don’t think about your plumbing too often—that is, until it absolutely can’t be ignored. Just because you don’t have sewage rushing into your kitchen doesn’t mean there’s no reason to call a plumber! Finding a good quality plumber can take some time, so you will want to start your search well before disaster strikes. This means you will feel less pressure to go with the first available option and can better avoid hiring a subpar plumber. Check that your plumbing is working as it should on a regular basis and don’t be afraid to call in an expert even if you just need some routine maintenance done.

Go For Quality, Not Price

Don’t go for the first plumber that gives you an attractive price. Check first to make sure that they have the right qualifications and licensing to provide high quality repairs. Do some online research to learn more about their record of customer satisfaction and their specializations. This will also give you the chance to shop around a little and discover the plumber who offers the best combination of price, quality, and customer satisfaction out there.

Find A Plumber That Can Handle Your Specific Problem

Plumbers deal with a pretty wide range of issues. Sure, they can handle a blocked drain, but gas fitting, hot or cold-water issues, backflow, and home renovations are all reasons to call an experienced plumber. Consider the issue you want them to address before calling them in. Do you need them to move a poorly located sink? Do you have a pesky leak or a pipe blockage? Knowing exactly what you need your plumber to fix in the first place will make it much easier to find the right one for the job.

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Find A Plumber That Offers a Warranty

It can be difficult to judge the quality of a plumber via their immediate results. Just because they seem to have fixed that leak doesn’t mean it’s not going to come back suddenly in a few days or weeks. You want a plumber that will do a good job and make it last so that you don’t have to go to the trouble (and expense) of calling them in a second time. If a plumber offers some kind of warranty on their work, then you know that they’re confident their repairs will last, saving you time, money and worry.

Ask About COVID Precautions

COVID-19 has made so many aspects of day to day life more difficult, and calling in a plumber shouldn’t be one of them. Fortunately, as plumbers are essential workers, you’ll likely be able to call on one even during lockdowns. Reputable plumbing agencies will also take plenty of precautions to protect your family from transmission. Experienced plumbers come in contact with pathogens on a daily basis, so they’re used to maintaining a strict level of cleanliness.

Check that the plumbing company screens their plumbers regularly for infection and provide sufficient protective gear, and make sure to wear a mask and maintain social distance when interacting with your plumber. You can also help your plumber work safely by providing disinfectant and a spot for them to wash up before and after they address your plumbing issues.


Plumbing issues can be a huge mess, but finding a high-quality local plumber should not be a hassle! With a few tips and a level head, you can shop around to find the best agency for the job. Once you’ve found yourself a good plumber in your area, you know that connection will save you plenty of time and worry in the future.

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