5 Essential products for reducing the spread of viruses in the home

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

If you’re looking to keep your home safe for you and your family it’s important to clean and disinfect your surroundings regularly. Studies show that viruses can remain on surfaces and in the air for long periods of time if left alone. It’s also a big risk to invite people to your home if you don’t clean regularly. Frequent cleaning with the right products can therefore help to reduce the likelihood of it spreading. It’s vital to regularly use antibacterial cleaning products on all surfaces and to wash your hands often, either with antibacterial soap or hand sanitiser. Here are 5 essential products for reducing the spread of viruses in the home.

Hand Sanitisers

One of the 5 essential products for reducing the spread of viruses in the home is sanitiser. It’s a good idea to keep some out in your home, particularly if you have visitors. Encourage everyone you live with to use it when you come in. Simply squirt a bit on your hand and rub your hands together all over until they’re dry. This should kill 99.9% of bacteria on your hands. Always keep a regular stock of hand sanitiser by buying in bulk. 

Take a bottle of hand sanitiser out with you and use it before entering and after leaving public places, work, or other people’s homes. This will reduce the risk of you from bringing germs back with you. It’s also recommended to use sanitiser after taking public transport. 

Antibacterial and antiviral wipes

These are a quick and easy way to disinfect the surfaces in your home. Take care to clean all surfaces thoroughly as the longer you do it for the more likely you are to get rid of any dangerous bacteria. You can use antibacterial wipes on most surfaces for general cleaning as they kill most common bacteria and viruses. Antiviral wipes contain stronger disinfection properties to help tackle enveloped viruses and as such have to be tested to BS EN 14476 (against enveloped viruses). You can use any of these wipes on surfaces such as glass, ceramics, wood, tile, and plastic just to name a few.

If you go out anywhere it’s a good idea to take a pack of antibacterial wipes with you in your bag or in a car. They’re useful for disinfecting any surfaces you might touch, therefore reducing the risk of you bringing bacteria home with you. This will help to reduce the risk of spreading viruses in the home. 

Dispensers for soap or hand gel

It’s advisable to have dispensers for soap or hand gel in your home. Set up one in each bathroom and encourage all residents and visitors to use them as often as possible. If you have hand sanitiser dispensers around and available, people are more likely to use them. This will reduce the spread of viruses in the home. You can choose from a manual button press dispenser or even a touch free dispenser which would help reduce risk of cross contamination.

Ensure you wash your hands regularly especially after coming into contact with other people, visiting public places, or using public transport. Try to wash them for at least 20 seconds. Keep refilling your dispensers for soap or hand gel and make sure you don’t run out. Regularly check your dispensers to see if they’re empty.

Fogging machines

Another one of the 5 essential products for reducing the spread of viruses in the home that’s become more popular are fogging machines. These are machines that blow small particles of disinfectant into the air. They work by disinfecting the air and surfaces in the home. The disinfectant that’s released from the machine kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Many people are opting for fogging machines as they help to reduce the spread of viruses in the home. As well as cleaning the surfaces, you can also clean the air. Fogging machines can be used on any material and won’t interfere with electrical appliances or outlets. You can use these alongside other essential products for reducing the spread of viruses.

Disinfectant sprays

Disinfectant sprays are essential for cleaning all surfaces quickly. Try to get into the habit of disinfecting surfaces regularly, especially if they’ve been touch by different people. Once you’ve arrived home, disinfect and surfaces you’ve touched before you’ve washed your hands. Try to reduce the risk of bringing more bacteria into the house. Some disinfectants also have antiviral properties which are essential for killing enveloped viruses as well as being tested to BS EN 14476 against these viruses.

Spray plenty of disinfectant onto surfaces that you’re cleaning. The quicker it evaporates, the less effective it will be, so it’s important to clean thoroughly. You can use disinfectant sprays on a variety of different surfaces including glass, tile, ceramic, plastic, and wood. It’s a versatile and a quick and easy way to reduce the spread of viruses in the home.
By cleaning your home regularly with antibacterial products, you’ll be able to minimise the risk of the virus spreading. Stay safe and remember to disinfect your hands and surfaces often. If you would like further information about essential products for reducing the spread of viruses in the home, find out more today.