Installing Sliding Glass Doors: DIY or Hire a Professional?

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A responsible homeowner knows that having a beautiful home depends not only on making the right design and material choices, but also keeping everything in the home well-maintained. A home’s entry or patio door is one of the most important factors when seeking to bring beauty to the home, and must be given particular attention. While it is natural for anyone to be tempted to install a door by themselves — especially since we’re bombarded left and right with so many tips on DIY projects that make the job seem pretty easy — doing so may not be the best use of your time and money. The same is true for sliding glass door installation projects. In this post, find out the benefits and importance of having a professional installation of sliding glass doors.

DIY Sliding Door Installation: You Sure?

Sliding glass door installation projects are one of those things that are best left to professional installers for two main reasons: 1) the nature of the job, and 2) technical considerations that can affect the door’s operation. First, the door is primarily composed of glass which, of course, needs to be handled very carefully. Second, there are parts and components that must be installed properly for the entire door assembly to function well. Sliding doors commonly have two panels that overlap each other and slide along tracks. If any of these crucial parts are installed improperly, the door’s performance may be compromised.

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Benefits of Professional Sliding Door Installation

We cannot stress enough how important professional installation is to ensure the optimal performance of a sliding door, or any door for that matter. Consider the primary benefits — detailed below — of having the right contractor do the job for you.

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Preparing the area where the door will be installed is as important as the installation itself. One must make sure that all measurements are correct. The opening or the wall where the door will be attached to must be strong enough to support the door, and not the other way around. The door must not support any load other than its own weight. Thus, the wall must be able to hold up on its own. Furthermore, the wall must be also checked for cracks and possible causes of gaps must be addressed. All these and more are part of the preparation process, and not everyone knows how to perform it properly. Hiring a contractor who’s certified to install the door ensures that he has the necessary experience and training to do the job right.


As mentioned earlier, sliding glass doors must be handled very carefully. A lot of products are rather heavy, and care must be taken to hold onto them firmly until they have been properly installed. Prematurely letting go of something before it’s been set in place can lead to disaster. In other words, proper handling and care are essential to putting up an entire sliding glass door assembly. Professional installers are familiar with the process: they’ll know how to best care for the glass door and will also make sure that your other belongings are not damaged during the installation.


You may have a couple of items sitting in your toolbox but would you know which ones you really need? Professional installers have complete tools and equipment and the knowledge to use them.
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After the installation, the contractor will also be responsible for cleaning the area and disposing of waste. Professionals have the means and connections to properly dispose of waste and debris, as opposed to having to just dump these anywhere.


Most manufacturers require that their products be installed by their certified dealers and contractors. If you do the installation yourself, this may void the warranty. Furthermore, some contractors also provide installation warranties and guarantees themselves — which is something you can greatly benefit from.


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